Becky's Bulletin

5-12 Happenings this week

What's Up?

  • Only 2 days left of the 1st Semester! It's hard to believe it!
  • Finished 95%/ PSI screener for 5th graders! Thank you for being flexible so we can get that done.
  • FAST testing window starts Jan. 18
  • I will be in the building on Jan. 5th if you want to collaborate! Please let me know! Or if that date doesn't work, email me!

Strategy of the Week- Cubing

Cubing is an instructional strategy that can be used in any content area. You can use it as a bell ringer, closure, or to integrate in your lesson. Cubing allows students to take a concept and look at it different ways using Bloom's taxonomy levels, questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How), story elements, story starters, etc.. It is also a great way to differentiate your lesson providing different cube commands based on their learning needs. Here are some links to more information and template.

SBG Spotlight- Grading & Feedback

With a new semester starting soon, it's good to reflect on our current grading practices and how we can make any adjustment for next year. Here are a few articles relating to grading and feedback:

Have a great holiday break!

It has been so exciting working with so many of you this first semester! I have loved every minute of it! Please let me know as 2nd semester unfolds if you need any help, want to try something new, or are looking for another way to get students engaged.

Miss Kjellsen