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Dear Steubing Ranch Families,

We hope this finds you all well. We understand that the changes occurring as a result of the Coronavirus can be overwhelming for you and your family and that it can be tough dealing with this "new normal". As the school counselors who work with your children each day, we feel it is important to do what we can to continue to help take care of their emotional needs. As the parents, we want to remind you about the importance of self care as you guide your children in their new home learning experience. Our children’s lives have been interrupted and many things are different for now. Please be aware that this may cause anxiety in some children and they will look to you for comfort, calm and a sense of control during this time. Giving your child the chance to express how all of this change makes him/her feel will help you and them be more successful with their home learning during this time. Below are some links for information that we hope will help you when talking to your children. Thank you for allowing us to support you and your children.

Mari Williams (Gr. K-2 Counselor) email:

Deya Delgado (Gr. 3-5 Counselor) email:

How Can We Help?

We want to be as available to you and your student(s) just as we would under normal circumstances, however, since being physically present isn’t possible for the time being, we do have a way that you and your student(s) can contact us. We have a created a Google Classroom where we can post ways to help us cope during these times as well as some activities for the students to do. The students can comment on the post and receive messages from us as if they were talking to us in person. Students can go to then launchpad (top right corner) and from there they can get to the Google folder then the Google Classroom app. The code to access the Steubing Ranch Counselors Google Classroom is j5szedo .

Covid 19 Video for Kids

Healthy Heros - Covid19 video for kids

Steubing Ranch Elementary

We miss all of our Spurs! We certainly hope this ends soon so we can see everyone! In the meantime, stay well by practicing healthy emotional and physical habits.

Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Delgado