Horseback Riding Instructor

By Maddie Randall

What's a Riding Instructor?

As a riding instructor, you teach riders (both young and old) how to take care of a horse and the right way to ride. You teach them how to stay on, how to compete if they wish to do so, and how to take the lead role when riding, as the rider and the horse are a team.

You help riders warm up and cool down, give demonstrations, correct problems by observing riders, maintain safety by following the rules, and develop individualized training programs for each rider.

Level of school required

There is no exact requirement, but you should at least have a high school diploma. When you want to become a professional riding instructor, you have to be certified. There are multiple places you can go, but certification is important. If you aren't certified, nobody will hire you to train them.


On average, a horse riding instructor could receive a salary of $34-$36k per year, but it depends on where you work, how many people you are training, how much you charge, and how often they come for lessons.

Where you can work

You can work anywhere that people need an instructor. There are equestrian facilities and stables, you can work on a farm, and you can work at a riding school. You can work at any of these places in the U.S. or even around the world.

Continuing professional development

You can start out as a young instructor, but over time you can learn new techniques of training and eventually rise to be the head instructor or even start your own riding school. Other than that, you just do what you normally do.

Interesting Parts

This career is interesting because it takes a great amount of patience and kindness, as well as being honest about problems when its needed.

You have to love horses and be able to work well with others. If you can, then its like growing a garden.

You plant the seeds and watch it grow to become a beautiful flower. Well, you begin with a novice rider and slowly train them to be able to ride and compete to the best of their ability.

It just seems... Amazing.