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All About Australia!

  • At the bottom is the Australian flag!
  • Australian's population is +22,507,617.
  • Australia's area is 2,988,902 (7,714,220 square kilometers).
  • Australian's currency is Australian Dollars.
  • Australia's Capital is Canberra
  • At the bottom is also Australia and where the capital is located.

Australia's National Anthem!

The Official Full Version Of The Australian National Anthem With Lyrics

About their Flag!

The large star on the left stands for the five states and two territories of Australia. Above the star is the flag of Britain. On the right is the Southern Cross, a group of stars seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

First people in Australia!

"For thousands of years, Australia has been the home of Aborigines, wandering peoples who probably came from southern Asia. When the first Europeans arrived in the late 1700s, about 300,000 Aborigines lived in Australia. They formed more than one hundred tribal groups and spoke more than two hundred languages.Aborigines, who are expert trackers, hunted using weapons like the boomerang and spear. Many Aborigines died in battles with European settlers and from European diseases like smallpox, dropping their population to around 60,000.

Today, only about 20 Aboriginal languages are still in use. Up until the late 1960s, it was common for Aboriginal children to be taken from their homes and placed with white families, a practice that no longer takes place. Australia has recently made efforts to help the Aboriginal people by passing laws to help increase their land rights and give them more political power."