Traveling through History

Julius Caesar/Kamakura period

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was always interested in political leader ship. His mom teached him the bacic math, reading, science and socal studies but he wanted to learn more. When he reached 9th grade his parents found him a teacher that helped him with his political interest. Then a few years later he was elected chef priest.

According to Greenblatt, Julius Caesar was born on July 12. He started training for political leader ship as a young boy. When Caesar was in his teens two main political groups had been formed. In 63 B.C.E. he was elected pontifex Maximus, (chief priest of Rome's state religion). He had the power to stay chief priest for his entire life.Ceaser improved the conditions in Rome but soon removed and set as a divine King (of, relating to, or coming directly from God or god's).

The kakumara period

The kakumara was a time period where the Minamoto family took over Japan after defeating the Taria clan in the Gempei war. After the family took over Japan, Minamoto Yoritomo was elected shogun in 1192 meaning he was elected to be the general. Six years later Yoritomo died in 1199.

After Yoritomo death a supremacy had started between Bakufu of kakumara and a imperial court in Kyoto. A few years later when kakumara defeated the Kyoto army they took complete controle over Rome. In 1221 the kakumara defeated Kyoto and gained total control over Rome.