Welcome to Week One!

English 1200

In Week One, we need to begin to engage in analysis so that we can accomplish the work of the course. We want to be able to establish whether the materials we read—for this course or for any other purpose—are really true or if the information is being presented in a way to manipulate us as readers into thinking or believing in a certain way. That is our task as we begin Week One, so keep it in mind as we proceed.


From the textbook The New Century Handbook, read the following chapters:

· Planning and Drafting, pp. 41–73.

· Formulating Arguments, pp. 74–111.

· Structuring Paragraphs, pp. 112–135.

· Rewriting, pp. 137–168.

From the textbook Writing Arguments, read the following chapters:

· Argument: An Introduction

· The Core of an Argument: A Claim With Reasons

· Analyzing Arguments Rhetorically

Week One To Do List

Due Thursday

Post your “future story” autobiography in W1A1. Then respond to at least two of your peers’ postings.

Due Saturday

1. First, review Passages 1 and 2 by Dr. Jim Ball and by the Sierra Club in the textbox title “FOR CLASS DISCUSSION” in our online textbook on page 158. Choose one of the readings for your discussion response.

2. Then choose one area (ethical stance of the author, logic of the argument, or emotional appeals made to the reader) from the chart in the discussion area to analyze the passage you selected. Answer the questions in response to the passage you selected.

Due Tuesday

Compose a rough draft of your Rhetorical Analysis essay in W1A3 using the steps below:

1. Choose an article to analyze. You can do so by conducting a Google search to find an article or by selecting one of the examples presented in the discussion area.

2. Using the four steps outlined in the discussion area, analyze the article.

Due Wednesday

Complete the following two activities:

1. Comment on at least two peers’ postings in W1A2.

2. Respond to two of your peers’ rough drafts in W1A3.


Make sure to take the time to read the assigned reading material, plan for your assignments, and evaluate the information to see if it is true, biased, or manipulative. Trust yourself as you begin to analyze the material and make decisions.
Let's make it a great week!
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