Tierra Helada

The Icy High Elevations

About Tierra Helada

The Tierra Helada is the Highest zone of the central Andes lying between 12,000 and 15,000 with the average temperatures varying from 20 F to 55 F. The Tierra Helada can be a very harsh and extreme environment.


Living in such a extreme environment, finding food can be a big problem. They are able to plant few crops that will grow at the high elevations that they live in, such as a native grain called Quinoa. Besides Quinoa, they grow certain types of Potatoes.


In the Tierra Helada, they have to raise Llamas and alpacas with produce thick wool for their warm clothing. The Thick wool is also used for blankets and bags. Llamas make good pack animals for transporting heavy loads across the mountains.


The Activities in the Tierra Helada are mining and worshiping gods. Since the high Andes have many mineral deposits which include tin, lead, copper, and silver. Mining provides one of the few sources of cash income in this harsh environment.