Ingredients Matter

Small Ingredient Improvements = Large Health Benefits

We believe that consumers have the right to know how safe the ingredients of their personal care products are. When comparing products, even small improvements matter. Regular use of personal care products can be made safer with easy swap outs within your budget. Our product recommendations are based upon what matters most when selecting a body care product-- Safer ingredients. Current public research, laboratory studies and other resources are used to determine which laundry list of ingredients are safer than the others. Do healthier, safer products means spending more money? works within everyones budget and makes sure that every swap is within an equal or lesser price range. But how well will it work? Will you even like it? Unbiased and trustworthy reviews from other consumers will allow you to make a confident and easy decision. also simplifies your life by offering online purchasing.

Safer Swaps For A Longer, Healthier Life

SAFER THAN: Other Review Sites

Other review sites base their choices on how well they perceived the product to 'work' and if they 'liked' it or not. While that is important, it is secondary to the safety of the product's contents.'s primary selection criteria is similar to the process of choosing safe food products- where the quality and order of the ingredients are a consumers number one resource in determine a safe and healthy product. Manufacturers and retailers use expensive packaging, false claims and misleading product information to sway consumers. digs deeper than all of that and examines a product's contents. Knowing what not to buy is just as important as what you buy, and because is not affiliated with any body care manufacturers we give our members trustworthy recommendations that will allow everyone to make safer choices.