k-12 classroom mobile apps

Potential apps to consider in your classroom


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This app does exactly as it is named. This would be very useful in a classroom if the school computers were down. A mobile device would easily allow students to be kept track of in more ways that one. This app allows for a more mobile approach to attendance which would seem extremely handy for cases like field trips and outdoor activities. The whole process just shrinks down paper usage, saving our trees and allowing for an educator to change or make adjustments to the attendance in an easily accessible fashion as oppose to always having to go back to the desktop computer.

Formulas +

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This mobile app would be very useful in any k-12 class which requires calculation. From generic to complex formulas, if a student were to forget a formula to solve an equation or problem, they could simply pull it up. The reality is that not every student has the capability to put all formulas into their brain easily, yes a formula sheet would suffice but it also confuses the student as well. If a student were to come across two formulas which we could say are close to alike, the may choose the wrong on in the case of looking off of a formula sheet.


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This app is more made to be based on a student with barriers, although that doesn't necessarily mean that this app would not work in the favour of a student without barriers either. This app helps the student with different ways in which they could learn, this ranges from reading, matching, naming, and drawing to name a few. Even students who grow older may not all excel in the language and need an alternate way of learning just to peak their interest and get them involved. The apps best feature in my opinion is the concept of continuing on with the task you have just done or if you would like to do it again. This whole process lets YOU personally decide if you think that you should advance or not.


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This app really gets students involved in their work by playing games. This process may be more fun than others but that doesn't mean that it lessens the amount of learning that is done in regards to others. Through this app, the educator is able to keep track of how their student is doing as well as how they students are doing together as a whole. The thing I like most about this app is the fact that you can add any content from kindergarten to grade twelve. This allows the game to be made for both younger children and the older children, making the game seem neither too hard nor too easy for each age group.

Air Sketch

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Air sketch is a useful app especially since the world is becoming so much more technological. The whole purpose of the app is to give the educator access to writing on the SMARTboard per se, but not actually having to be at the SMARTboard. The process is useful in all grades since there truly isn't a limit to what you can do on your iPad or tablet and how you are to project it to your students. The technology, being already connected to the SMARTboard would allow you to show your students exactly what it is that you are writing as well easily showing videos too! The most useful thing about this app in my opinion is that if a student is struggling, you can show them the process and work it out right beside them as oppose to making them come up to the board.