The Art of Lip Sync

By: Angela Obrzut and Alivia Mayfeild

Lip Sync...... in all of its glory

Lip sync became popular around the 1960's and 1980's.

Positive and Negative


It is useful for music videos because it's harder to dance and move around AND sing at the same time. It is also often used for a positive thing when people use it for entertainment on talk shows.


Sometimes people use it for all of there songs to cheat out of actually singing.

What we might like to Lip Sync

Alivia: Shut up and Dance::Walk The Moon

Angela: Love me like you do::Ellie Goulding

Lastly,who started all of this?

Even though we researched we could not find the exact name of who started it, but from what information we DID gather, we have concluded that lip syncing has been going on for a very long time and that it probably started as a joke but then grew into a thing that we do daily.