Brushy Creek Trail Crisis

2.5 miles of trail will be destroyed only for energy towers

Save our trail

People in Round Rock have been building and building and they are running out of energy, so they are now going to transfer some energy from Leander to Round Rock. To do this they have to build gigantic towers, but there is a problem. They are planning to put it in the Brushy Creek trail. Doing this, they will destroy everything in their way, including all the trees and animals, making it so no one else can come.

The Routes

There are some other choices, There is one by some houses, and people don't want gigantic poles next to them, and it won't look so good. There is another one by some stores, but there are people working in the stores, and this is counted out for the same reasons. What I think is the best option is by I-35. This is my choice because all of the others have something against it. Anyways, I-35 doesn't look so good already. This route can go through both the substations and makes it from Round Rock to Leander. My proposed route is about 10 miles long.

Doing the Math

The Math

2.5 miles, the distance of the proposed route, divided by the amount of towers there are equals the distance between each tower. Assuming that there is 1000 ft between each tower, and since we know 1 mile is 5280 ft, we know that 2.5 miles is 13200 ft, so if you divide by a 1000, you get 13.2 towers, which rounds to 13 towers, so the ratio is for every 2.5 miles, there are about 13 towers, or for every mile, there are about 5 towers.

2.5 miles would also be 13774c, chrome book lengths, which are 11.5 inches each. Also, 15 miles, the distance of all the connecting trails will be 82643.5c.

2.5 miles of the trail will be destroyed. That equals 13200 ft. To find the area, you need to multiply it by 100 ft, the amount that will be destroyed around the towers. So, the area would equal 1320000 ft.

The towers are 140 ft high and the average male is about 6 ft tall, so about 23.333 men would match it if they were stacked on top of each other.