Hidden Heroes

Untold Stories of Innovation

how do inquiry, imagination and innovation drive change?

building community and entering text

The Priority Game

*Focus on a Big Idea

*Write down 3 things

*Cross out one

*Stand Up, Pair Up

*Discuss with a partner what life would be life without that item

This Is Not A Stick

  • Used with Themes of Innovation & Imagination
  • Form a circle
  • Group passes around the circle transforming the stick telling without telling
  • Others guess what it is

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Human Machine

  • Bring everyone together in large circle

  • Model an interconnect machine (6-8 people)

  • Divide room in groups of six people. (use groups from 6 Cs

  • Each group draws a “task” out of a hat (explain that you can keep this open, but we wanted to be super explicit about the connection to the culminating project)

  • Group works to create an interconnected machine that can accomplish your task. Criteria: interconnected relationships, everyone is involved, involves movement and sound

  • Share around the room.

The Explanation Game

  • Show an image from the book

  • In pairs or trios

  • Lead the prompts from the first image from the front with some sharing out

  • Name it. Name a feature or aspect of the object you notice.

  • Explain it. What could it be?

  • Give reasons. What makes you say that?

  • Generate alternatives. What else could it be? What makes you say that?

  • For the next two images, teachers work independently.

  • Document

Story Nuggets

Science, math, and all content areas are embedded in a narrative that drives inquiry.

  • Students read paragraph together as a group.

  • Figure out how to present the paragraph together

  • Possible “tools” include:

    • Individual, pair, group reading

    • Repetition

    • Movement/blocking

    • Sounds/Song

  • Combine performances with reading of text to hear the whole story

  • Story Nuggets

Sentence - Phrase - Word

  • Read back through the text and find the one sentence that you think is the most powerful/insightful

  • Choose the three key words from your sentence

  • Choose the one key word from your three words

  • Document


Write & Reflect

  • Students find their multi-syllabic word partner (using vocabulary from text)

  • Talk about the meaning of their word

  • Whip Around Pose (create a quick pose to represent their word)

  • Go back to their journal, write a sentence with their word about Ada Lovelace and create a visual to represent it

Master It!

  • Students will be given a small piece of text to read and annotate details in the text to write in their graphic organizer

  • Draw a quick sketch under the text

  • Surround the room with pictures

  • Students will match the text to one of the pictures

  • Students then write the key details of their picture in their graphic organizer

  • Students leave the text that has their number on it with the picture.

  • Finish the graphic organizer by explaining why the illustration and text helped them understand the topic

  • Add a title to the graphic organizer to represent the key idea

  • Paste the graphic organizer in their Words of Wisdom section

Graphic Organizer


Online resource

Online resource


  • Students go back to their invention piece with other students that had the same text

  • Students discuss how they knew the illustration went with their text

  • Students discuss how the illustration helped them understand what they read

  • Students will share their titles with the group to pick one to share

  • Groups share their Title, Description, and Wonderings

Work It Out

  • Revisit the Essential Question
  • How would you change or improve the invention you read about?

ELA Lesson Plan


Design a Counting/Analytical Machine

  • Introduce the design challenge and show a model box: 4 faces of the model
  • Sets up math instructions - students write in the notebooks
  • Explain process to finish box (Math algorithm, Title, Zentangle, find a quote from Ada that connects to your machine) and finish boxes

Final Performance

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