That Was Then, This Is Now


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Violence can cause long term affects on people and can ruin there lives.

First we must know the definition of violence, according to the dictionary it means 'the use of physical force to harm someone, to damage property.' In the book "That Was Then This Is Now" it shows how the many violent acts affect mark and bryons lives and there friendship.

Mahatma Ghandi's say on violence is a very inspiring and thoughtful, he states "I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent." This quote has a very big effect on people and it should open peoples eyes and show them that violence is a very serious matter, and should not be taken lightly as to all the harm it causes.

With the discussion on violence, in the book Bryon and Mark lose a good friend all because of unnecessary gun violence. Statistics show that every year in the U.S more that 100,000 people are shot.

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The Author's Thoughts About Violence

S.E. Hinton's thoughts on violence are very clear throughout the book, She sees violence as a bad and abominable thing that only causes more problems than settling them. As seen when Mark had almost had been killed in a fight, and when Mike was jumped for taking a girl home.

Personal Thoughts

Violence had been around since the beginning of time and probably will be here on earth forever, honestly violence is a very big part in how it affects peoples lives and how that person acts. From personal experience violence is not good for the attacker and the attacked, It just causes more problems.
Poem about violence

The reason for this poem is because of how honest and gives an clear idea on how brutal violence is, and how it affects people in many different ways.

Insight about violence.

The reason for this article is because it gives very important information about violence, such as its causes, how it affects peoples mental and overall physical health.