The Speedy Swordfish!

Charmitha Yelampalli


Zooming through the water at 50 mph, and CHOMP! Mighty, toothless jaws close around a tiny fish. What is this creature that lurks in the dark waters of the world’s oceans? The habitat, diet, and body structure are all important parts of a swordfish’s lifestyle. These large undersea animals, also known as Xiphias Gladius, are apex predators that will eat almost anything in their path.


So imagine yourself speeding through the oceans, snapping your strong jaws around tiny helpless fish. You swim at 50 mph, and even though you do not have teeth or scales like all the other fish, you are feared by almost all of them. You are an apex predator, but your habitat, diet, and body structure all greatly affect your lifestyle in many ways.

Think Tank

Shape Peom

Read this shape poem to find out more about swordfish!
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Go Fish

I really enjoyed the Go Fish activity. The types of fish that I chose are Black Convict Cichid, Cory Catfish, Electric Green GloFish, Half Moon Male Betta, and a Green Lantern Platy. I got one of each type of fish. In total, I spent $223.64 out of the $250 budget. I will need 19 gallons of water to support these fish. I have 20 gallons of water, so I have 1 extra gallon of water. In this activity, I learned how to budget, and I also learned about how to maintain an aquarium. All in all, this was a very fun and informative activity.


Take a look at this diorama to help you understand more about swordfish and where they live.
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