Drugs in Soccer

by: Bradley Klumpp

Do players deserve a longer ban when caught with drugs?

Player's bans should be at least 9 months to 2 years, depending on the drug, if they are caught with drugs, because drugs can cause performance enhancement, and some are even illegal.


Drugs in soccer have been a problem for a long time. Not only are players violating the drug rules, but some teams are as well. Columbia, one of the best soccer teams in South America, has many sponsorship's with many drug cartels. No one on the team or even in the organization has been banned. Players in England have been caught with drugs this year. Even though they were banned, it was only as long as 30 days.

Text Evidence and Commentary

  • In the article "Drug use surfaces again in the MLS" , author Geoffrey C. Arnold says, " Major League Soccer suspended Columbus defender Josh Williams for 10 games for violating its substance abuse policy June 8."He abused drugs, and was only given a 10 game ban.
  • Author Geoffrey C.Arnold also said"Williams is the third player in the league's 16 years to be suspended for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs." The fact that only 3 players have be suspended for being positive is crazy.
  • The BBC reports" Adrian Mutu, Chelsea player, was suspended 7 months for use of cocaine." 7 months is a very short time, especially because it is an illegal drug.
  • Author Sam Cunningham said"Already suspended for 30 days on Thursday by Uefa for failing a drug test, Sakho will miss the remainder of this season." A 30 day ban for failing a drug test is not long enough and he deserves a longer ban.
  • In the article "10 Footballers Caught Doing Drugs", author Alfie Potts Harmer says, "...the first coming in 1991 when he was given a 15-month ban after failing a drug test for cocaine." 15 months is a long tome, but cocaine is an illegal drug, so players should serve a longer term than that.


Some people believe that the bans are long enough, and they should not be longer. However an article by Juliet Macur stats, "...bans are too short...even the use of drugs that aren't long enough."
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Drugs are not supposed to be used in any sport, so players deserve to be banned for a long time for the use of them