WEEK FOUR - Explicit Instruction

Chapters 6 and 7

Read Chapters 6 and 7

Post and comment at least once. The BEST part of an online book study is the interaction with each other. Complete a one page visual to share.

Complete a one page, mini poster/visual with key notes and visual. It should be something that can be posted in a classroom for reference.
See http://www.habitsofmind.org/sites/default/files/images_0.jpeg for an example.

Email completed visual to meadel@corinthcsd.com for uploading (by Lisa) in google docs shared drive/dropbox drive for your access. See list for your assigned item.


Chapter 6

Choral Response – KATHLEEN
Think/Pair/Share – SHAWN
Think and Write-Pair and Write-Share – RUTH
Pause Procedure – COLLEEN
Study-Tell-Help-Check – LINDY
Numbered Heads Together – KAREN J
Individual Oral Responses – ROBERTA
Partners First/Questions First – JOAN
Whip Around or Pass – ROBIN
Response Cards – LAURI
Action Responses –LIZ
Echo Reading-STACEY B
Choral Reading - JEAN a
Augmented Silent Reading/Partner Reading – LISA

Chapter 7
Wordle key terms from chapter – LISA

If you are uncomfortable creating a visual, you can post a video that illustrates your strategy instead.

What can I do with these visuals when I have them?

  • Share with colleagues
  • Use to model procedure with students
  • Enlarge and create posters to cue students (after you have taught them process)
  • Demonstrate varied instructional strategy use to your principals