"Women of Prosperous Hearts"

October 17th 2013 from 6pm-8pm at Coffee Connection in WLA

By Invitation Only

WOPH - has been designed for Women who are in business or who are longing to start their own business and looking for a place to get support, be understood and inspired! We assume organically we will create relationships with each other, use each others services and pass business to each other.
We have launching our new "Mastermind Group" utilizing the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

WOPH - featuring this October - Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker, CHt, a certified life coach and hynotherapist

The newly addition of the WOPH "Mastermind Group" will utilize the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. We suggest everyone who will be attending to read the chapter on "Autosuggestion". We will discuss this chapter in our 3nd gathering. Bring your thoughts on what impacted you the most from the information you read, how you would use these ideas in your business or daily life, etc.

We have a special treat this October Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker will be leading us, at the end of the gathering, in a EFT Protocol for Prosperity! So so exciting!

Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker , CHt, is a certified life coach and hypnotherapist. She is also

certified in Neurolingustic Programming and EFT with Source Technique™ at the

mastery level. She specializes in helping people find and release their hidden blocks

or “blind spots” that are holding them back so they can easily step into

manifesting the life they truly desire. Her approach addresses all levels - mind, body,

and spirit. She lives in Venice, CA, with her husband Richard who is also a life coach.

Together, they own Conscious Life Coaching. The company’s mission is to help

others co-create their ideal lives in the most conscious, joyous, and efficient way

possible. You can visit them at www.conscious-life-coaching.com for more


Join Us - We look forward to this new addition of the WOPH. We believe this intimate setting will allows us to co-create and develop stronger bonds with all the amazing women within WOPH.
Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Coffee Connection

Thursday, Oct. 17th 2013 at 6-8pm

3838 South Centinela Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

RSVP by calling Sunna Vaerst at 310.384.0030 or email her at sunna@sunnavaerst.com. The cost will be $10.00. There is parking across the street from the venue.

Women of Prosperous Hearts

The title of the group came from the book "Prosperous Hearts" by Julia Cameron (author of "The Artisit Way")  which talks about creating a life of enough! We of "Women of Prosperous Hearts" think and feel we are enough! We like to share this with the world around us; our family, friends and communities. Thus we of like minded women meet to support and reinvigorate each other so that we can share our passion for living a life of enough!

Mission Statement

Mission Statement for Women of Prosperous Hearts: “Women of Prosperous Hearts” has been created to support, nourish and inspire women who are longing to start their own business or who have their own business.
We will do this by having monthly gatherings with women of like mindedness in a supportive environment. This will include having Women Speakers who will Educate and Inspire us.
Plus we've just added our new "Mastermind Group" which will allow us to co-create with one another and develop stronger bonds with all the amazing women within WOPH.
In return, we hope that each woman will share their unique talents with passion and purpose in their daily lives.