Amanda's Getting Hitched!

Shower her with love and good wishes!

Facts about the future Mrs. Amanda Sims!

  • Her nails are always painted and word on the street is that she has an impressive collection of nail polish
  • She likes the rapper, Lecrae
  • She loves her dog, Piper
  • Shes really nice to everyone, always
  • She always helps you out when you have special travel requests
  • She’s really skilled at her selfie game
  • Her wedding is going to be on NYE and will incorporate a lot of GLITTER
  • She is always on the hunt for something funny from Buzzfeed for the newsletter
  • She’s from Vermont and because of that she loves Ben and Jerry’s and cheese
  • Amanda is the 'Amnet Guardian' and always recommends drinking a water in between beers :)
  • She used to play basketball in high school
  • She is deathly afraid of spiders
  • She frequently gets very overwhelmed with directions, driving and large highways – one time she was 20min away from home, got lost, called her fiancé crying & told him she was just going to stop and get a hotel for the night…20 min away from home.
  • Her house has the worst luck in the world with plumbing
  • She’s never read Harry Potter
  • She’s never seen Arrested Development
  • She is highly in the know of any 90s/2000s pop star
  • She thinks it's hysterical when people fall (she has actually done it herself in the iProspect office)

What some of her peers have to say:

"Amanda is one of the most thoughtful and caring people that I know. Even from thousands of miles away she is always interested in how your day is going and making sure things are going well. I am extremely happy for her and I wish her all the best with married life!" - Taylor Childs

"Amanda, I thought of the first time we met, and then remembered all the things we have been through together :) Congratulations to you and Vandell. I am so thrilled for you and the wonderful family you have already created with him. I wish the four of you (Piper included) a lifetime of wonderful memories. Love…Ashwini"

"She looks up when she is thinking…coincidentally, so do I….makes for some awkward moments of staring directly at each other with blank looks on our faces. She’s maybe the sweetest person on the face of the planet" - Stephanie Landrum

"She is a sweetheart and the nicest lady that I know. I've never seen her upset, she's always happy!" - Mike Yu

"Amanda is one of the most loving, caring, respectful, kind, generous and thoughtful people that I have ever met. She would never do anything to hurt someone’s feelings and if she even thought that she had it would bother her. She would do anything for Amnet and cares about Amnet and everyone within it as if there were her own family. It is a pleasure to call her one of our own and I am glad she is the first point of contact for a lot of our vendors as it means that we always make a good first impression." - Kevin Freemore

From the Chicago team -

“I love Amanda’s Southern hospitality whenever I go visit. She’s so friendly and usually the first person I see when I’m in the Ft. Worth office”

“She has fabulous, big hair”

“Her newsletters always help break up the week and are so witty"

Marry You - Bruno Mars Lyrics HD
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The Proposal Story

They got home from church one Sunday this past summer and Amanda received a text from Vandell. It was a picture of him and Piper (her dog) holding a sign saying "Mom, would you please marry Vandell? I love him SO much! He won't quit bugging me about it!"

Amanda then turned around to see Vandell and his son, Vandarius (aka Meats), both on one knee. There were candles and flowers everywhere. Amanda instantly started crying and began planning her picture perfect wedding right away!

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Amanda, we are all so happy that you have found the man of your dreams and Amnet wishes you lots of happiness and love as you begin this exciting new chapter in your life!