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Calendar Events

Mar 4 BCJA Spelling Bee

Mar 7-11 Spring Week of Prayer

Mar 11 Jeans Day $1

Mar 13 SAC Spelling Bee

Mar 14 Teacher PD (No School)

Mar 15-17 PT Conferences/ Report Cards Q3

Mar 17 GAAA Academy Days

Mar 18 Career Day

Mar 25 "All Tied Up" Event/ Jeans Day $1

Mar 28-31 STAR Assessments

April 4-8 Spring Break (No School)

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Please take a look at the information below. We have a busy month ahead.

Click below to view our Black History Showcase!

Special thanks to Ms. Belle for her creative design/project management and to Ivory Giant Media for recording and editing. Enjoy!

Click picture below or view here ---> BCJA Black History Showcase

Spelling Bee- Friday, March 4 at 9am.

Our school-wide spelling bee is around the corner. Your child should have already received their words from their teacher. However, they are attached below for your convenience.

The Spelling Bee will begin immediately after chapel. Winners in the 3-5 and 6-8 categories will go on to compete at the conference spelling bee in South Carolina.

BCJA Categories Include

Grades 1-2, 3-5, and 6-8

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"All Tied Up" Boys to Men Empowerment Event

School Store Fundraiser

We sent out the usual school store envelope with instructions on how to get started. You can log into www.schoolstore.net to sign up. After you sign up, fill in your Student's Prize Code on the envelope from your confirmation email that you will receive from them. Enter the child's teacher's name on the envelope and send the envelope back to the school and we will give the child a little fuzzy animal gift.

Enter as many family and friends emails when you sign up and with purchases made, the teachers will receive vouchers and gift cards to purchase items for their classrooms. The children will also receive prizes based on the purchases made. Please look at all the documents in the envelope and you will see the gifts that students can receive.

If your child is in virtual school, please login to the website and once you sign in, the information will be on the website for me to see, and I will be able to have a prize for your child.

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Phase II: Track & Field

We are moving on to our next major project. While we are still in the planning process, it helps to get a visual of where and how the field might look on our campus. The above photo is a primitive idea of the goal. Please continue to share our goals and opportunities to donate.

BCJA Continued Plans and Progress

This year BCJA is raising funds for the completion of our National STEM Certification with campus renovations. Each donation will put us closer to our goal. Take a look at the phase projections below. We are almost finished with Phase I! Special thanks to the South Atlantic Conference for financially supporting the lighting and gymnasium floor.

Phase I. Gymnasium Renovations

  1. New maple wood floor (Completed)

  2. Replace main lighting and repair stage lights (Completed)

  3. Goal Adjustments (In progress)

  4. New Scoreboard

Phase II: Track & Field

  1. Land Clearing and leveling

  2. Fencing & Netting

  3. Track installation

Phase III: Upper Level Renovation

  1. Media & Art Classrooms/ Studio

  2. Choral/Band Room

  3. Elevator/Stairs

Other additions: Outdoor Classroom, **Mobile Science Stations (4), Swivl Cameras for online learning.

**Items still needed

Note: If you have any information or resources that may help with this endeavor, please contact Principal Davis at (404) 799-0337 or mdavis@bcjaschool.org.

Other Ways to Give!

Parenting Workshops!

Raising children isn't easy. They don't come with manuals, and we all need help at some point. BCJA is committed to providing resources to assist with your parenting journey. Below you will find links to various parenting workshops for viewing at your convenience. While you may not agree with everything, there may be some helpful tips and tools that may prove to be beneficial.

School Theme: More Than Conquerors

This year's theme embodies God's promise over our lives. We hope to instill in our scholars that no matter the failure, trial, or hardship, we are not just on the winning team. We are much more!
Thank you for choosing BCJA.

Mrs. D, Principal