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Upcoming Webinar!

Library Resources Are Made for YOU! - Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 1:00-2:00 PM MT

Presenter: Brittany Dudek, CCCOnline Online Instructional Librarian

Come be wowed at this showcase of improvements and enhancements to CCCOnline’s Library Services! Did you know you may provide direct access to scholarly materials right within your courses? Do you know where to find databases on our website? Do you know how to create and use permalinks? Explore these questions and much more! (Please note this webinar originally was scheduled for Apr. 7.)

You may register at the Training and Professional Development Database and find registration details and instructions on the Registration Process page.

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D2L/Brightspace Email Reminder

FYI: CCCOnline often hears from students who don't understand that D2L/Brightspace email is not accessible from outside the LMS - in other words, students might be trying to send to your address from inside D2L, but since they're trying to send a message "outside class," their messages never reach you.

Or students may have your D2L email address stored and once they can no longer access the course in D2L, they may attempt to contact you from their student email account ( or from a personal email account, and their emails don't go through.

For your reference, here is related information from our Knowledgebase.

Knowledgebase: Did You Know?

Did you know CCCOnline has a fabulous website, designed for our instructors, with lots of technical information and tutorials on D2L/Brightspace, digital content, email, the Portal, and more? Check it out!

Congratulations to Linda Bolsen, CCCOnline's 2016 Instructor of the Year

Dr. Tina Parscal, CCCOnline Executive Director, sends a special congratulations to Linda Bolsen, CCCOnline’s 2016 Instructor of the Year.

Linda recently was honored along with one instructor from each of the 13 colleges by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education and CCCS System President Dr. Nancy McCallin. Linda exemplifies the dedication and commitment of CCCOnline instructors and truly embodies the spirit and mission of CCCOnline.

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TCC Online Conference 2016: Check Out the Archives!

If you missed the Technology, Colleges & Community (TCC) Online Conference Apr. 19-21, please note that CCCS' system-wide subscription includes your access to the session archives for one year.


Based in Hawaii, this conference is in its 21st year!

Learning Technology has reshaped how we engage students in teaching, learning and creativity. This year’s conference highlights best choices, practices and research related to online learning (e-learning), networking and collaboration. Additional information on the conference.

To Participate:

You will not need to register for this event, but you will need to establish an account.
The invitation code for the CCCS is: zgrp969

NEW! Library Resource Access is changing MAY 10!

Check out below to see a few new features you'll find on the improved library website! The website is live now, but the new access won't be rolled out to students until May 10th.

Effective May 10, 2016: you will need to enter your S# to access library databases. If you have any difficulties or have any questions, please email Brittany Dudek.
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The Importance of Professionalism in Higher Education

Are members of academe, who normally are quite focused on, and even outspoken about, whether something is being done correctly, actually not very effective with their own professionalism? That is the issue addressed by Rob Jenkins, an Associate Professor of English at Perimeter College in Georgia, in a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article.

Jenkins cites two recent personal experiences, for which he noted a disappointing lack of response from other colleges regarding professional activities (including no response from a college which had reached out to him to speak at their school, and to which he had answered that he would like to speak there). He also explains that he encounters such rude behavior from other colleges and academics on a regular basis.

The various possible reasons for such behavior are discussed by Jenkins (the supposed "absent minded professor" syndrome; or the belief by some academics that, as intellectuals, they are outside of the rules of normal conduct, etc). However, regardless of what the actual reason(s) might be, Jenkins argues that the solution is to follow several key steps: respond, in kind; follow through on communications; be reliable; speak temperately, and follow the Golden Rule regarding behavior toward others.

Jenkins, Rob. "Why Are Some Academics So Unprofessional?" Chronicle of Higher Education. Web. 16 March 2016.

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