Socratic Seminars

It is hard to believe that it is already the beginning of the second nine weeks!  In this time, we have made it through about 300 years of history.  Last week, we held our first Socratic seminar where students were assigned either a scientist or philosopher to research and then discuss from that point of view.  Some students really excelled at this experience, and I would like to recognize them, Rachel Northcutt, Sam Dunn, Austin Senf, Ellie Steele, Chloe Hendrickson, Tycen Henry, Robert Blankenship, Bryce Thweatt, Adam Padgett, Cayce Hendrickson, Lauren Edwards, Stephanie Russell, and Grant Miller


The following students improved their grade from Test 1 to Test 2:   Cassidy Adair, Grant Burgess, Ryan Carr, Cayce Hendrickson, Tycen Henry, Emily Lee, Keaton Moore, Meredith Mullins, Scott Rouse, Ellie Steele, Suede Adams, Davy Bosch, Whitley Devary, Lauren Edwards, Tanner Ellenberger, Darina Helton, Carolyn Rodriguez, Kimberly Rogers, Anthony Legg, Madison Lemaster, and Meagan Tolley. 

Study Tips

Students should be spending about 30 minutes per night reading, completing key terms, and going over chapter outlines or notes.  I have many helpful links as well as a list of daily assignments posted on my website. Have your child read small sections of the chapter at a time and then write down two or three important facts from that section.  There are podcasts of lectures that students may download from iTunes.  Just search for AP Euro lectures.