Independent Study

Learning how to use an SLR camera

Introduction and More

The topic I chose which is learning how to use an SLR camera. I chose this topic because I like taking pictures and learning how to use a more professional type of camera will help me take better pictures of important events and just pictures in general just for fun. Learning how to use a camera can be very important especially if you want to take a photography class or something that involves cameras and photography.

What I Learned

Throughout my research I decided to go more in depth of what the little swirly thing on top of the camera is. First of all I learned that its name is a shooting mode dial. But that's not it I learned what each shooting mode does and what it's used for.
  • Fully Automatic: the camera makes all exposure decisions with the exception of image quality
  • Portrait & Landscape: the orientation of the photo
  • Close-Up: gets a better shot while taking things closer to you, and captures them in more detail than a normal camera would
  • Sports: helps you capture pictures while people are moving so that the picture doesn't come out blurry
  • Night Portrait: is the mode you would want to use while taking pictures at night for a clearer image and better quality