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A Little About Our Mission is a safe haven for people all personalities. It is a place where you can find love with a simple click. Finally you can be in harmony with your soul mate.

How We Found Love...Online

Our love story: Stephanie and Gus

How did you guys find each other?

Stephanie: made it so simple. I only had to pay a small fee and I was able to meet the one! It was love at first sight; I was scrolling down the page and that's when I first laid my eyes on him. Right when I clicked on his profile I knew he was The One. By just looking at the way he was staring at the camera in his navy blue polo I just knew he was the right match for me.

Why did you choose to use online dating instead of meeting someone in the traditional, in person, way?


I've always been really into technology. I always just found it so much easier scrolling down the twitter feed than talking to a real person. But one day my mouse took me to a whole new kind of world. And with each scroll I fell deeper and deeper in love.

What is your favorite quality of your husband?


His appearance is no doubt his best characteristic. He is tall. He has a lovely smile. Best of all, I adore how the flash lights up his eyes when he stares at me through the computer screen.

Have you guys physically met?

Stephanie: No.

How did you know he was being truthful about himself?

Stephanie: does all of the work. They make every user take an extensive four question survey so I know he must be the real deal.

How did you know his feelings were genuine?


Well, when he liked my profile picture, my heart leaped and that's when our love blossomed. And now, each time he looks at me through the webcam, I can see his undying love for me in his eyes.

His Story

What do you like about

Gus: I was always a shy, introverted boy while growing up. I liked girls but I just never had any luck with any. My mother always worried whether I will be able to get married but that's when I found It was a lifesaver for me. WIthout it, I would have never been able to meet the love of my life--- Stephanie.

How do you guys spend time together?

Gus: We love spending time together on the webcam. I videochat her while eating breakfast, at work, and before I go to sleep so it's as if she is with me. It's the same thing except she lives in Cambodia while I live in Ohio.

Have you guys physically met?

Gus: No.

What do you like the most about your wife?

Her eyes and the fact that she always put a "<3" next to her "LOL's". I do that too!

What Other Users Are Saying Commercial


Throughout our project we made use of various logical fallacies such as....

False authority
: Celebrity descriptions of the efficacy of the site attempt to display how anything can be fabriated online. Furthermore, it displays the liberty these sites obtain in being able to manipulate information to make it appealing to users. Lastly, it exposes the over exaggeration of the success of the program at hand.

Hasty Generalization: The users continuously speak of the life changing events that can occur from "just one click" such as finding their "soul mate" and "real love". There is no evidence provided such as how long these "relationships" last or how many marriages result from the program. This eludes to the professions of real online dating sites such as's claim that they produce "more marriages and relationships" but fail to specify what that entails.

We also used irony when displaying the "happy couples" consisting of a person and their parter as a digital device. This technique sought to portray the growing dependence on technology for couples in both beginning relationships, online dating, and continuing the relations primarily through digital medians.