Deion Sanders

biography by: Deaven B.

Childhood and Early Life

Deion Sanders was born August 9, 1967,in Fort Myers,FL. he was bullied alot but always got passed it, and always had a dream about becoming a football player and a baseball player. he had a hard life with is family to not believing in him. but he always had a positive attitude.

Getting Older

Deion Sanders got older and proposed to Pilar Sanders in 1999 on May 21. he had 5 kids, Deions sanders jr, Deandra Sanders,Shedeur Sanders,Shelmoi Sanders, Shilo Sanders. he decided to try baseball and ended up joining the new York Yankees in 1988 as the 30th round pick and played short stop. but he wanted to do more.Hes cool because hes the best person in the NFL.


Deions Sanders joined the NFL in 1989 and was the 5th overall pick. he made alot of kids want to be just like him. he made world record for the most interceptions in a year. he also had 24 interception just on the Atlanta falcons.I choose this person because he is a great remodel. I learned That he had 24 interception just for the falcons and made the pro bowl 4 times.
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