By: Alexys

I was at my Grandpa's house for his birthday with mom and my brother Dominick. We got there early because we had to leave early. My cousin got there and we made melon balls with a melon baller. They were good! We snuck some while we make them. There were also sandwiches but we didn't have any because we had to board a plane. I was going to visit my dad in Disney World I gave Grandpa a hug not knowing it was going to be one of the last hugs I would ever going to give him. We took a picture together. When we were in Disney World, we got a Pluto hat. He asked for one but we did not get a chance to give it to him. That was one of the last good memories I had with Grandpa. The next time I saw him was in the hospital. Soon after he pasted away. It was sad and hard to say goodbye.