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McAfee Vs Kaspersky

In the world of information technology antivirus play a very crucial role in our smart products like computer, Laptop or Mobile phones. We know that there are a lot of hackers are exist in our world and they develop and do an unwanted and harmful thing in the purpose of hacking to anyone that’s why we use antivirus software for our protection and shield.

In this blog, we make a comparison between the two most known and famous antivirus they are McAfee and Kaspersky. These two antiviruses have great potential to protect your pc and other smart electronic devices.

Give look towards the comparison and this comparison is based on performance, cost, and interface.

Comparison on the basis of cost

We know that all antivirus have a similar price but in give a look towards it

The cost of McAfee is about $60 and McAfee is only one antivirus which provides one-year free complete trial when you buy a new window OS Computer. But you have an old machine that time they give complete 30 days trial and another thing they give proper support during McAfee Activation.

But in the case of Kaspersky, its cost is about $80 and this antivirus is available for one month and during trial period you don’t get any type of support from them

Comparison on the basis of Interface

We know the interface of any software play a very important role because if a customer faces difficulty form interface that means the software is not reliable to the user. So in the behalf of interface the Kaspersky win this comparison because the interface of this antivirus is very attractive and responsive, all button is shown in the home screen.

In the behalf of McAfee, their interface is responsive but not so attractive because McAfee is very light software as compare to all antivirus so that’s a reason they don’t have attractive feature. This reason McAfee Installation is very simple.

Comparison on the basis of Performance

We know if the interface is the look of any software but performance is the brain. That’s a reason all software company uses performance test first then do another thing.

McAfee’s performance is superb because due it light data storing space. Due to this reason, you will Activate McAfee very easily (for without key holder) and its other scanning processes are very good and effective like this software run for all time and during boost scanning, it doesn’t take much processing speed.

As per price Kaspersky performance is very poor and it takes a lot of processing speed during scanning.

I hope you will understand what is best for you and my Conclusion is McAfee is best as compare to Kaspersky