The Sailor Signal

Cottage Lake Elementary - September 19, 2021

A Note from Principal Welch

Hello Sailor families,

Welcome to another newsletter and celebrating the completion of our 12th day of school. Easing into the school year has been just perfect, as we all adjust to being at school all together again, implementing our updated health and safety guidelines, and being at school all day long, as well. Our students have done an outstanding job with mask-wearing and I thank you all for your support. Together, we can work together to keep each other safe.

This coming week, we launch another way to keep each other safe. We will begin our COVID batch testing this coming Wednesday. All students and staff are opted IN to testing this year and testing will occur in grades K-12. If you are wanting to opt your student OUT of the testing, see the links below. Information about our COVID batch testing has been shared from our communications department and from the school. There is additional information below. Results from the batch testing should return in about 24 hours. If there are any positive batch results, we will be in contact with those families included in those batches.

This week we also launch our Curriculum Nights. All curriculum nights will be held via Zoom. Classroom teachers will be sharing the Zoom links with their classroom communities. I encourage all families to attend. This is always a great opportunity to learn about your student's year.

This week also includes our PTA's Ice Cream social on Wednesday evening on the playground and picture day on Thursday. Please read those sections below for further information.

Thank you for sharing your students with us at Cottage Lake!

Take Care,

~ Jen Welch, Principal


COVID Batch testing is coming

This coming week, our COVID batch testing begins. Our testing day will be Wednesday. Our testing will be concluded by 10:30 AM. Read below for few key details and then I'm also including the email that was sent to all families on September 15 @ 12:21 PM.

Key Details:

  • Cottage Lake batch COVID testing will occur on Wednesday mornings.
  • All students and staff are automatically Opted IN for testing.
  • If you want your student to participate in testing, you don't need to do anything.
  • Students who participate in batch testing, after cleaning their hands, students will circle each nostril 5 times before placing their swab in the vial.
  • The batch testing is NOT like a formal COVID test. The swab is only inserted into the nostril, not inserted deep into the nasal cavity.

  • If you want to Opt your student OUT of batch testing, click here.
  • For families who want to opt out of testing, you only need to submit the form once.

Read below for the email sent on September 15, 2021, regarding batch testing.

Dear Cottage Lake Families,

On Monday, Sept. 20, the Northshore School District will launch the COVID-19 testing program for all students grades K-12. All students will be tested weekly, unless a parent or guardian completes an opt-out form. As the name “batch” suggests, everyone in a classroom or cohort puts their test samples together in a batch vial with no names or personally identifiable information.

A few key points to emphasize:

  • Students in Grades K-12 will test weekly

  • Your child will be tested unless you opt-out your child by clicking on this link

  • The opt-out form asks you to enter your student’s ID number. This can be found on each student’s identification card above the barcode, as well as on the student’s report card. You can also view it by logging in to ParentVUE or by contacting the school’s main office.

  • If you wish to opt your student out of testing, you must complete the opt-out form no later than 10 a.m. the day before our school’s scheduled test day which is Wednesday

  • If a student or staff member is opted out of testing, but their cohort has a positive COVID test result, they may still be required to quarantine for 14 days

Your student’s participation will help us keep transmissions in our school buildings low so we can keep school buildings open. Thank you for your consideration.


Jennifer Welch, Principal



Estimadas Familias de Cottage Lake Elementary,

El día lunes, 20 de septiembre, el Distrito Escolar Northshore lanzará el programa de pruebas para COVID-19 para todos los estudiantes de los grados K-12. A todos los estudiantes se les someterá a pruebas semanales, salvo que un padre o tutor llene un formulario de exclusión. Según lo sugiere el nombre “lote”, todos en un salón de clase o en una cohorte colocarán sus muestras de prueba en un frasco grupal sin nombres ni información que les identifique personalmente.

Algunos puntos claves que deberán enfatizarse:

  • Los estudiantes de los grados K-12 serán sometidos a pruebas semanales

  • A su niño se le someterá a la prueba salvo que opte por su exclusión haciendo clic en este enlace

  • El formulario de exclusión le pide ingresar el número de identificación del estudiante. Este número aparece en la tarjeta de identificación del estudiante, encima del código de barra, así como en la boleta del estudiante. También puede ser visualizado ingresando a ParentVUE o contactando la oficina principal de la escuela.

  • Si desea que su estudiante sea excluido de las pruebas, deberá llenar el formulario de exclusión a más tardar para las 10 a.m. del día para el que estén pautadas las pruebas en nuestra escuela, el cual es Wednesday

  • Si un estudiante o miembro del personal ha optado por excluirse de las pruebas, pero su cohorte ha arrojado un resultado positivo para COVID en una prueba, de todas formas podrá exigírsele someterse a cuarentena durante 14 días.

La participación de su estudiante nos ayudará a mantener reducidas las transmisiones en nuestros planteles escolares, a fin de que podamos mantener los planteles escolares abiertos. Gracias por su consideración.


Jennifer Welch

COVID safety updates

Families can find the most up-to-date COVID health and safety information by clicking the links below.


The Cottage Lake PTA is hosting a back-to-school Ice Cream Social for Cottage Lake Elementary families. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 22 from 6:15-7:30 PM on the playground. Maintain distancing and masks are required.

School Pictures for all students... Virtual and In-Person

Mark your calendar!

School pictures will be Thursday, September 23, between 9:30-3:00 PM. Specific times will be scheduled for all in-person classrooms.

For those students attending school in person, we will be sending home picture packets one week before picture day. You may also go to and place your picture order online.

Curriculum Nights for in-person students

Curriculum Nights have been scheduled for the 2021-2022 school year. All curriculum presentations will be held via Zoom. Classroom teachers will be sharing their Zoom link with you, so you can attend. Presentations will be recorded and shared with families if they are unable to attend.

Below are dates and times for our presentations:

September 21

  • 5:10 PM - Kindergarten (Morrison, Ninmol, Wright)
  • 6:00 PM - 1st Grade (Baer, Quinn, Stookey)
  • 6:50 PM - 2nd Grade (Mismas, Stief)

September 27

  • 5:10 PM - Primary and Intermediate FSA combined parent meeting

September 28

  • 5:10 PM - 3rd Grade (Castro, Kinney)
  • 6:00 PM - 4th Grade (Cohen, Rendahl)
  • 6:50 PM - 4/5 & 5th Grade (Dawson, Skinner)

Update from Nurse Audrey

Nurse Audrey Notes

As Autumn is upon us we have things to look forward to: colorful leaves, pumpkins, pumpkin spice, cooler temperatures, and rain. We are also heading into flu season. While last year flu was dramatically minimized with everyone staying home, this year is projected to be a more active flu season as people are more mobile. Other viral illnesses are also starting to make their presence known. I encourage you to consider getting a flu shot any time from now until the end of October to protect yourself and your family from Influenza.

We continue to advise that you keep your children home when they are exhibiting symptoms of illness. When your child is out of school with an illness, you can expect a call from Nurse Audrey to help navigate requirements for returning when your child is feeling better.

We are also returning to Health Screening this year. We will be doing vision and hearing screening in the Cottage Lake Library on Thursday, October 28, 2021. We don’t have a specific time confirmed yet, but it is likely to be the same as previous years... in the afternoon 12pm-4pm. Volunteers will help gather students from classrooms to the library at assigned times and return to class. We will need at least 5-7 volunteers to help. If you are interested and would like to volunteer, please call Nurse Audrey at 425.408.4206 or email

To be pre-approved to help on Health Screening day, all volunteers in the Northshore School District must complete their volunteer application and background check online. Family members of students and community members who volunteer at more than one school will only need to complete the application once a year. Once approved, applications will be available for all school office staff to access districtwide. Volunteers can learn more and complete an online application here. In accordance with state guidelines, volunteers will be asked to submit proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or a District approved exemption by Oct. 18, 2021. Volunteers must also have attended volunteer training at Cottage Lake. See the information Ms. Welch has shared regarding those training dates.

We are excited to welcome volunteers back to campus this year in support of our staff and students!

News from the Northshore YMCA

The Northshore YMCA before and after school care has openings at Cottage Lake Elementary!

The Y is proud to partner with your school district to provide high-quality, active learning opportunities designed to engage and expand young minds. Through our Before and After-School Enrichment (BASE) program, we provide a safe, caring, and fun environment where kids can participate in sports, arts, STEM, and other hands-on learning activities.

Every student deserves the benefits of quality youth programs. A parent's financial position should not be a barrier to any family wishing to participate. The Y accepts subsidies at many locations and financial assistance is available. For additional information, please visit

BASE is flexible to meet your family’s needs offering programs before school, after school, or both and from 1 to 5 days per week. Fees are reflective of the hours that students are in BASE and they may vary by district and school. See details at

Registration forms can be found by visiting:, completing this 2021-2022 Interest form, or calling 206-382-4927.

Lunch menu changes

Due to supply chain issues across the nation, we are finding we are needing to frequently make changes to the lunch menu this year.

If you are printing out the menu at the beginning of the month, there will inevitably be changes before the month is over.

Although our department strives to make changes at least 7 days ahead, there are weeks when we must make a change with 2-3 days' notice due to delivery shortages, today we have had to make a change to Friday's menu.

For up-to-date menu information please review our menu online (see the link below).


Health Check Question to review daily

Before you send your student to school each day, I ask you to think through the 5 questions below. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions, I ask that you please keep your student(s) home. You can also reach out to Nurse Audrey to ask questions, as well.

Health Check Questions:

1. In the past 24 hours has the student experienced any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever of 100.4 or above
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing
  • Chills
  • Loss of Taste or Smell
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Pain or Body Aches
  • Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Congestion or Runny Nose
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Other signs of new illness that are unrelated to a preexisting condition (such as seasonal allergies)

2. Has the student had any of the symptoms of COVID-19 listed above within the past 3 days that lasted more than 24 hours?

3. Has the student been in close contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 within the last 14 days? Close contact means being within 6 feet (2 meters) of an infected person for 15 minutes or more.

4. Has the student had a positive COVID-19 test for active virus in the past 10 days?

5. Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical professional told the student to self-monitor, self-isolate, or self-quarantine because of concerns about COVID-19?

Volunteer application & Vaccination documentation

We are excited to welcome volunteers back to campus this year in support of our staff and students. This includes volunteers in our library, part of PTA activities, or classroom-based volunteers. Classrooms are not required to use volunteers. Those classrooms wanting to include volunteers will be in contact with their families to share their specific need(s).

In accordance with state guidelines, volunteers will be asked to submit proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or a District approved exemption by October 18, 2021.

All volunteers in the Northshore School District are able to complete their volunteer application and background check online. Family members of students and community members who volunteer at more than one school will only need to complete the application once a year. Once approved, applications will be available for all school office staff to access districtwide. Volunteers can learn more and complete an online application here.

Before volunteers begin at Cottage Lake, all volunteers need to participate in a Cottage Lake volunteer training. Our volunteers only need to attend one training while they are at Cottage Lake, unless there is an Administrative change while your student attends CL. This training is between 30-40 minutes in length. This training reviews the privacy expectations, along with other expectations of our volunteers.

Below you will find dates for the Volunteer Trainings to start the year. For In-person training, masks must be worn at all times and adults need to remain socially distanced.

District Technology Device Information

This year, all our students will have devices assigned to them.

  • All Kindergarten through 1st-grade students will be using iPads, but they will stay at school.
  • All 2nd through 5th-grade students will be assigned a Chromebook that should be taken home and returned each day.

Staff will be teaching students how to care for their devices and also be sure they bring their computers back each morning fully charged.

In order for students to receive their device, we need parents/guardians to complete a "Student Device Use agreement." This can be done by clicking HERE, using the QR code in this section, downloading the PDF attachment, or come by the office to complete a paper copy of the form. We are now asking for all families, Kindergarten through 5th grade, to complete the agreement. This is a change from the original communication.

Below are ways families can access the needed Agreement forms. EACH student will need a separate form completed. These forms are needed for students in 2nd grade through 5th grade.

  • Electronically completing agreement by clicking HERE
  • Use the QR code above to complete the form,
  • PDF of the form can be accessed here. (This form will need to be printed and then sent into school.)
  • Please stop by the school office to complete the paper copies of the form we have available.

Construction is coming!

For the past several years, I have been working with our Northshore transportation department, Security, Capital Projects, and King County Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding the safety of our crossing beacon on Avondale. We have had several students almost get hit by cars trying to cross the street. Unfortunately, the placement of the crossing beacon is not great. After some review, I am excited to share we are moving our crossing beacon to the opposite side of our driveway.

We are still in the bidding process for this job, but Capital Projects believes this job should not exceed 30 days. We will be working in partnership with King County during this project. I don't believe our parking will be impacted much, as I believe construction vehicles should be outside our gate. As we finalize the bids for the job and we narrow down a more exact start date for the project, I will be sure to keep you all updated. In the meantime, we do have an anticipated start date for this project at the end of September.

More information will be shared as it is available.


Required Yearly forms to be signed

On Friday afternoon, the below message was sent to all families. We encourage you to log into ParentVUE and complete your student's forms as soon as you can. Thank you!

"Dear Northshore Families,

Annually the District provides parents/guardians with notification of forms that must be acknowledged, including:

  • WA State Attendance Letter
  • Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
  • Weapons Letter
  • Student Housing Questionnaire
  • Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information

We ask that you login to ParentVUE today to view these forms. If you have never logged into ParentVUE, you will find instructions on how to do so when you click the link above. Please know that when you next login to ParentVUE, you will be prompted to download, read, and take action for each of the forms listed above. Additionally, secondary students will be prompted to download, read and acknowledge the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook when they login to StudentVUE. Families with elementary students are encouraged to review the handbook together in ParentVUE with their students. These forms must be completed no later than Oct. 15.

The forms are available in English, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. If you would like to access a paper copy of these forms, please contact your school’s main office.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact Student Services at (425) 408-7725 or by email at"

Free and Reduced lunch application

We are now accepting free and reduced-price meal applications for the 2022-2022 school year. Has your financial situation changed? Did you qualify for free or reduced-price meals last year? If so, be sure to complete an application.

Remember: families must reapply every year!

Submit a Free or Reduced-Price application.

You can also visit the Northshore Free and Reduced Priced meals website here:

Cottage Lake Elementary

At Cottage Lake Elementary, it is our united mission to build a safe, engaging, and inclusive environment of resilient lifelong learners. In partnership with our vibrant community, we embrace our diversity and strive to foster trust and kindness.