Your favorite classical civilization

Roman achievements & why it's the best

  • A Roman legion was created & consisted of armed soldiers & had equipment like shields, armor, helmets, spears & swords!
  • Roman art influenced society & the Renaissance era
  • Latin was created by the Romans & it was adopted from many different cultures
  • In the law, everyone had equal rights to treatment & were treated with fair punishment (so behave!!)
  • Roman writers would be very creative and promote their own themes & ideas!
  • Roman builders were incredibly(I mean incredibly!!) skilled architects & engineers. They built the aqueducts (brings water into the cities), the colosseum (gladiator fights), the pantheon ( built to honor our Roman gods), & the Roman roads ( which helps us with trading & to get around of course!)

Why Do YOU Want The Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire

  • The Romans created the twelve table of Roman law ( Roman laws made to protect the plebeians), the plebeians were the lowest class so we must care for everyone's fairness
  • Augustus Caesar became the first Roman emperor to create a long period of peace (Pax Romana)
  • We also offer citizenship throughout the empire (that's always good)
  • Christianity was spread so since then, the Romans accept all else's beliefs

I hope you choose The Roman Empire