Caution Peer Pressure!

By Rebecca Weissman

Picture this scenario :a group have of athletically and academically involved teens hang out together. All them are at the age where they all feel the urge to fit in, and one poor choice took over their whole life due to destructive peer pressure

Negative peer pressures can wreak the life of any individual.The adolescent mind is in the process of development. Teens are in active stage and can't realize the dangerous effects of peer pressure or the poor choices that follow." Negative peer pressure is always agnostic to the values that are promoted by the family. "Negative peer pressure affects many important things. It will take over your priorities and values". Instead of valuing your parents rules and your academic grades, your social life will come first."Negative peer pressure encourages the teens to ignore his/her academic responsibilities. This will result in poor grades and diss interest in school."Negative peer pressure can affect your whole life, and do more damage than just bad grades

In school we strongly focused on the negative effects of peer pressure, because of its effects. Why?kids are dying every day due to peer pressure. For example,"surrounded by friends a 16-year-old child a quart of alcohol, the cost Walkulich her life."It's very easy to make poor choices with your peers around. From my experience everyone feels so pressured to fit it."The phrase peer pressure is typically linked to risky adolescent behavior like underage drinking, substance abuse, and unprotected sex."I feel if somebody was to call peer pressure positive , then they should think twice. Sadly, reality has proven that too many people are at risk of health issues, because of poor choices that are due to peer pressure. Health issues can lead to death ,and thats certainly not positive. I feel the effects of negative peer pressure over weigh the benefits of positive peer pressure."Peer pressure can promote smoking, alcohol, and early sexual activities that are harmful."All of those effects can send anyone down a dark path, and very few are able to overcome the treacherous effects of negative peer pressure

Teenage peer pressure has a distinct effect on brain signals involving risk and reward, hoping to explain why young people are more likely to miss behave and take risk when your friends are watching. Studies have shown that teens act different when having the knowledge of their peers are around . "The fact is believed to be especially strong in teenagers because the brain changes shortly after puberty, and it appears to make young people more attentive and aware of what other people are thinking about them."Kids try to act cool around their friends by changing your behavior. For example,"1/5 of teenager say their friends pretend to take drugs to look "" cool around their peers."By teens feeling pressured to fake taking drugs they're setting up a bad reputation for themselves, which is sending them down the wrong path.Reality has proven that when it comes to people , that with the knowledge of your friends around , essentially no behavior is too destructive or too impulsive due to the pressure implied by peers. Teenager's can act perfect around there parents ,but when their peers are around its a completely different story

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Others have argued that peer pressure could lead to positive effects.The effect may be participating in academic and athletic activities, making healthy decisions ,and being respectful.All of these examples are great,but they can be caused by not just peer pressure.In fact, when a child does well in school most likely it's not because of peer pressure .Its because they have values .Peer pressure can destructively take control of your values ,and be way more effective .This certainly isn't a positive thing

Peer pressure impacts every teens life ,causing negative effects. Majority of teens feel the need to fit in with their peers, and the majority them demonstrate risky behavior that can lead to lifelong problems. In life we all have to make choices. One choice is who are peers are and who we hang around. Only the people you surround yourself should make you feel that you are set on the right path and can lead to positive effects along the way. Most people chose their peers based off of popularity. When it comes to peers , make sure your choice is the right choice in a long term situation. Remember that ,saying/doing something you didn't do it's not a fashion statement.