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By:Cory Yonemura

30 Hands Project

What I learned and What I Enjoyed

I learned how global warming and climate change are affecting us and the environment while doing this project. My favorite part of doing this project was making the pic collages because I enjoyed making a collages of each slide.

Earthquake PBL

How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

This project taught me how to build a earthquake resistant house using earthquake resistant materials. Our design uses cross braces on the support box to make it stronger and shock absorbers (clay) on the bottom to minimize shaking. The main points I learned while doing this was how to make earthquake resistant houses.

Invention Convention

My invention helps to solve the lake acidity problem which takes the acid water, and purifies it. This invention is called Acidic PURE. The water is sucked up into a container and is heated up by a boiler. The water rises and curves, then turns to water and the water droplets fall into a container. Finally, the water is emptied back into the lake as fresh water. My invention helps solve lake acidity problems because I purify the water, which reduces the amount of acid in lakes.
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