The truth

about living in the Philippines

The truth is

The Philippines is a 3rd world country

Over 94 million people live in the Philippines and it's only about half the size of Texas. Most of which are poor and uneducated. Until our people are educated and strong, corruption and poverty will not end, and the rich few will always control all the money.

We have our faults

You can ask anyone who lives in the Philippines about the problems we face. Poverty, corruption, prostitution, pollution and this list goes on. We know all about it, we live in it. We face all the problems a 3rd world country could have and more.

We need to look forward with hope!

It's not getting better any time soon

Over 50 years of government corruption will take over 50 years to fix because it's hard to undo whats already been done. There is light at the end of this tunnel but we must act now in everything we do.

We have a lot of work ahead of us

The key to our future is with our kids. We need to do a better job educating the young and empowering them with the belief that they can affect change. Small change from many will affect big change as a whole.

It is beautiful here

Let's keep it clean and educate everyone about our environment. We need to help our kids by taking care of this land for them.

This land is our resource, let's not neglect it. The water is our lifeblood and we cannot live without it.

In response to the Anti-Pinoy movement

Why do you care if I'm proud or not?

You say I have nothing to be proud of and nothing to share with the world. You say these words so we'll wake up and make a change. You say this is constructive criticism.

You're a foreigner living here and you say this to me. Or worse, you're a Filipino living abroad and you say this to me.

This is the Philippines

Being proud

I'm not better than anyone. I just have a fulfilled feeling of belonging here. It's because of this land that my family is here. I know where I came from and I know how I came to be... me. I can be proud of that.

My hope is for greater hope in all Filipinos.


I’m an entrepreneur, full-time dad, part time blogger and a simple man living in the Philippines.

I have a beautiful daughter in University and a 3 year old son that’s already smarter than me. He wins all the time.

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Student rally image by: Sulekha

Manila slum image by: Unicef

Light Tunnel image by: Sura Nualpradid

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