The 4 P's

For a successful school Media Center

the media specialist should market the media center following the 4 P's of marketing


think of the media center as a Product. This "product" must meet students and teachers needs, and what they are looking for in a media center; collection, literature, media, online materials ...etc


Having a Product "media center" that meets everyone's needs is necessary as well as having enough financial support to fulfill these needs. Planning and managing a yearly budget to meet the needs of teachers and students is highly important. This an annual budget must be based on solid findings (surveys).


The media center itself should be accessible, attractive, inviting, and comfortable. Also, the media center should have enough space to accommodate students with quiet and cozy seating that is away from traffic flow and separated with bookshelves or other barriers. Moreover, there should be book posters and other visuals that are a great way to promote reading, highlight authors, reinforce classroom themes or announce special events.*


The media specialist should promote the school media center and its services and programs as much as possible. This can be done by doing the following:

- Having orientation programs.

- Attending library meetings and workshops that focus in promoting school media centers.

- Providing regular updates about the media center programs and new acquisitions for teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

- Holding fundraising events that promote the media center.

Further Resources

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Done By

Taghreed Alhaddab

Spring 2012

For the course EDST6308 Organizing and Administering School Library Media and Technology Programs

Seton Hall University