Election Results!

Thanks to everyone for your outstanding participation!

Thank You & Congratulations!

On behalf of the Residence Hall Association Executive Board, thank you for all your participation and involvement that helped make our election process this year so successful! Congratulations to all the newly elected Community Council members. We are extremely excited to get this year started! We encourage all candidates to remain involved by applying again next year and attending your Community Council's General Body Meetings to have your voice heard. Below are the lists of the elected 2014-2015 Community Council members and their positions for each Residence Hall.

Important Information!

Please remember all elected Council members must attend the RHA Mandatory Fall Workshop in the Johnson & Hardwick Basement from 10am-2pm. Lunch will be provided.

To accept your position you must accept the invitation you will all recieve from OwlConnect within 48 hours.

2014-2015 RHA Community Councils

Johnson & Hardwick-
President- Carmela Robinson
Vice President- Joshua Ortiz
Secretary- Ashley Duff
Treasurer- Sacha Moore
RHA Representative- Shannon Malloy
Public Relations Representative- Jamal Parker
Advocacy Representative- Adam Morrow
Community Service Representative- Leah Herman
Sustainability Representative- Kelsey Mallon

White Hall-

President- Patrick Masluk
Vice President- Lauren DeCola
Secretary- Allyssa Laycock
Treasurer- Samantha Regan
RHA Representative- Asia Beamon
Public Relations Representative- Joanna Freedman
Advocacy Representative- Amira Bonds
Community Service Representative- Jules Hill
Sustainability Representative- Luke Zabroske


President- Lizzy McNeill
Vice President- Alysha Francois
Secretary- Jonathon Tate
Treasurer- Jack Leinhauser
RHA Representative- Jaysan Jayaprakash
Public Relations Representative- Ashton Adams
Advocacy Representative- TBD*
Community Service Representative- Trevor Peterson
Sustainability Representative- TBD*

President- Alexa Gerenza
Vice President- Marina Amoro
Secretary- Aviva Muskin
Treasurer- Stephanie Trozzo
RHA Representative- Courtney Periu
Public Relations Representative- Karina Vargas-Aquino
Advocacy Representative- TBD*
Community Service Representative- Leah Jacobs
Sustainability Representative- Alexis Henchenski

Morgan North-
President- Tim Koo
Vice President- Madealya Mahaffey
Secretary- Rosie Murray
Treasurer- Samantha Simmons
RHA Representative- Stephanie Fisher
Public Relations Representative- TBD*
Advocacy Representative- Alexander Kehoe
Community Service Representative- Brandy Pickett
Sustainability Representative- Margarita Faykina

Morgan South-
President- Joshua Grenier
Vice President- Kellen O'Connor
Secretary- Sarikka Raman
Treasurer- Daniel Varnis
RHA Representative- MacKenzie Bonner
Public Relations Representative- Katie Pfeil
Advocacy Representative- Josh Veloso
Community Service Representative- Alexandra Huckestein
Sustainability Representative- Noah Gottlieb

Elmira Jefferies-
President- William Hawkins III
Vice President- Brandi Harden
Secretary- TBD*
Treasurer- Rafaela Birlodeanu
RHA Representative- Sana Malik
Public Relations Representative- TBD*
Advocacy Representative- TBD*
Community Service Representative- TBD*
Sustainability Representative- TBD*

President- Jacob Epstein
Vice President- Shali Pai
Secretary- Brooke Mead
Treasurer- Zachary Klee
RHA Representative- Elizabeth Doyle
Public Relations Representative- Kasey Brown
Advocacy Representative- Sam Vecchione
Community Service Representative- Sotiraq Vangjeli
Sustainability Representative- TBD*

Temple Towers-

James Vesey
Vice President- Marissa Charney
Secretary- Branden Toro
Treasurer- Crystal Harris
RHA Representative- Emily Rodriguez
Public Relations Representative- Annabelle Recierdo
Advocacy Representative- Jakayla Page
Community Service Representative- Madison Foster
Sustainability Representative- Chelsea Williams

*TBD- All To Be Determined positions received no applicants for that specific position. The positions will be offered to certain students who chose a Secondary Position on their application that matches the vacancy. Students who received the next highest number of votes but were not elected into their primary position will be given priority for these vacant positions.