Nelson Mandela

By Ean Weber

Who Was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela was the first South African Black president (Served about 5 years), and before that a lawyer. He was a human rights activist, and helped South Africa and other countries inspired by him to get away from apartheid (Basically segregation). Nelson Mandela was born July 18, 1918, and died recently December 5, 2013. The political party he belonged to was the African National Congress. He very strongly believed in Economic Liberalism. Mandela was a hero to the people of South Africa, but was hated the government in control before Nelson Mandela. He was imprisoned for a total of about 27 years. Mandela's main goals was to allow for all people (He mostly fought for Black people because they were the majority of people in South Africa) to have equal rights, and wanted the change capitalistic influence in South Africa. He didn't believe much in a number of people running the economy with their companies.
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Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela had served a total of about 27 years in prison. He had been located in three different prisons: Robben Island (About 18 years), Pollsmoor Prison (About 7 years), and Victor Verster Island (About 3 years). An international campaign around the world called for his release, and it was granted in 1990. Nelson Mandela had committed of: Conspiracy to overthrow the state, inciting workers' strikes, and leaving the country without permission. He had been called for the death penalty but the judge had called off the prosecution for not enough reason.
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Nelson Mandela In prison

Nelson Mandela With Politics

Nelson Mandela belonged to the African National Congress. The African National Congress did work with the Umkhonto we Sizwe. The Umkhonto we Sizwe was a military figure associated with the African National Congress. He had also done work with the South African Communist Party. Nelson Mandela brought democracy to South Africa. He fought against the government with mostly non-violence methods. He fought against apartheid and White oppression. Back then Whites were a minority in South Africa, but they ran South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a person who had good intentions. He saw everyone equal, and believed everyone should have an equal opportunity in life. He was a opposed to hard working business men creating successful companies that control the economy.
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Nelson Mandela and supporters

Nelson Mandela and Violence

Nelson Mandela fought with mostly non-violence, but he admittedly has used methods of violence. He worked with Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), they are a military political force who were associated with Mandela's political party. He had lead plans for bombings on military institutions, power plants, telephones, and other government run locations. His goal to maximize pressure on the government and minimize casualties. The MK didn't consider themselves terrorists. They had discussed the idea of going into Guerilla Terrorism. That would be if they were not successful and not getting their message to the government. Even though violence was not the primary attack on the government, their violence worked. This shows an example of when methods of violence are successful.
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Nelson Mandela and the MK

Foreign Ideals

Nelson Mandela believed he wanted the world's countries to treat everyone equal. He strongly believed in equal human rights and expressed that he wanted to incorporate that aspect when it comes to communication with other countries. He believed that mostly all situations with other countries should be dealt by talking. Mandela had been praised and inspired by other African countries.
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Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton

My Reaction

I think Nelson Mandela was a huge inspiration for the people in a country with an oppressive government. Nelson Mandela reminds me of Gandhi, I didn't really believe Gandhi fought for a right purpose though. I don't think India should been taken away from the British. I agreed with Nelson Mandela's purpose. He wanted government racism to end. They were both good people with good intentions. I don't really agree with both of their political beliefs, but I still admire both men. Overall it was interesting to learn about someone like Nelson Mandela who fought for the right thing.

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