Crime Record

-Stealing your breath

-Taking up matter in the atmosphere

-Bonding with Hydrogen to make water

-Stealing mass in the oceans (nine-tenths)

-Stealing mass in the earth's crust

-Hiding from authorities in rocks and minerals

-Creating a poisonous gas called ozone

Oxygens Uses and Why It's Important to Capture

- Respiration


-Oxidation of Iron forming rust

-Provides good mineral wealth because oxygen hides in minerals

-Oxidizing agents like cleaning wounds

Report of First Arrest

Oxygen was first found in 1774.

Oxygen was first found when Scheele heated several compounds and then those compounds released a gas that enhanced combustion.

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Last Seen

Oxygen was last seen in the 8th position in the periodic table with his partners in crime, Nitrogen and Fluorine. As shown above.

Oxygen is a member of the non-metal organization and is in the Oxygen group family.

Clues lead to that oxygen has been hiding in the earth's crust as well as water and minerals.

Known Associates

After an interrogation with Hydrogen, he admits that he and Oxygen had been bonding with one another and forming the oceans.

Carbon has also join with Hydrogen and Oxygen to produce Glucose (the food that gives energy to plants). 6CO2 + 6H2O -> C2H12O6 + 6O2 = Glucose Formula

Aluminum also confesses that she and Oxygen had been forming to make rubies (a valuable mineral).

The final culprit of this investigation is Silicon. Apparently, Silicon and Oxygen had been forming in the earth's crust for millions of years.


Oxygen in its pure form is generally safe to capture.
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