Digital Citizenship Project

Kennedy W., Period 3

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is practically just you respecting and being kind to others. The only thing to have to do during this is just say something that is respectful to other people or just don't say anything at all.

#1 Digital Etiquette

In my opinion the main rule of digital etiquette is to be kind to others. Digital Etiquette is a customary code of polite behavior among groups. All you have to do to follow the rules of digital etiquette is think is this something I would want someone to say to me?

#2 Information Privacy

The rule of information privacy is to be careful with what you are using. The law for information privacy is prohibit the disclosure or misuse of information. All you have to do is to follow the rules is be careful with the information that you pick out.

#6 Plagiarism

To stop the plagiarism then you would have to stop copying someone else's work and making it your own. Plagiarism is when you copy someone else's work and it doesn't matter who and you say that you are the one that did the actual work.

#7 copyright

To follow the rules of copyright you have to contact the owner of the picture or quote or it doesn't matter what and ask their permission to use it. The one and only rule that you have to follow in copyrighting is contact the ACTUAL owner.