Roaring Twenties

6 January 1924

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Table of Content

Nativism-page 1

Politics- page 2

court cases- page 3

Scopes Monkey Trial-page 4

Innovations, Innovators, and culture- page 5

letter to the editor-page 6

political cartoon-page 7


Nativism an ideology that was though to have disappeared started to make a major comeback during this time. As a result laws started being put in to place to prevent them from immigrating to the united states, because they feared they would take jobs with their willingness to work for a lower wage. this led the KKK making a comeback in our society. and it brought about the Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti.
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Harden scandal

Harden was the 29th president and hes idea was "return to normalcy", he also supported the laissez fair policy and isolationism

Teapot dome scandal

This was a bribery to oil company's to reserve oil for the government to increase the global presence. Many Cabinet members caught and punished for this.

Kellogg Briand Pact

an agreement to outlaw war signed in August of 1928, signed in Paris to prevent another world war
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Court cases

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Red Scare

US military troops were sent to Prussia to stop the reds but it was done in vain because the czars family was murdered anyways

Palmer Raids

The goal of the Palmer Raids were to arrest foreign anarchists, communist, and radical leftists and deport them this brought up a lot of social unrest.

Sacco and Vanettzi

They were two Italian immigrants who were executed for robbery and murder, this event happened during the political regression of the "Red Scare" they were found guilty July 24, 1921 and were sentenced to death in 1927.


Henery ford

He was an american industrialist and created Ford Motor Company, witch led to the creation of the assembly line, and the first manufacturable and affordable automobile, and made them more practical


The aviation industry during the 1920's was just being created but gave an important advantage to nations during the world war as they were used to scout enemy forces and drop bombs on their location this importance led to the increased development of the aviation industry


Literacy became very popular during the 1920's with the novel the great Gatsby, this literacy also showed what was going on in the society, and the major changed that were happening like television and radio
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this cartoon shows society's thoughts on alcohol and what it did to the people they thought it was the cause of society's problems and wanted to ban it.

letter to the editor

Prohibition turned out to increase in crime rate in not only homicides but in minor crimes because of the people looking for alcohol illegally