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Peru is located in South America right next to the Pacific ocean. It is bordered by Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile. The capital is Lima.
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Weather and Climate

Weather in Peru is always different because of the dramatic landscapes. There is the Amazon rainforest and the Andes Mountains. Peru's average temperature is 60.5 degrees. The average low and high temperatures are 52.7 degrees and 73.3 degrees. The average precipitation in Peru is 24.5 inches for in year. Climate in Peru varries. It can be freezing up by the mountains, but also be hot down by the ocean. Causing it to bee known for having extreme climates.

Physical Characteristics

Values and Folkways

The most important thing for people living in Peru is their family. Most of the people living there are catholic and spend time with their families in church. One folkway for the people in Peru is making strong eye contact with whoever is talking. Also, When you are in a conversation with someone, it is normal to stand really close to them. Another thing that is normal to them is making a lot of hand gestures when they talk. In their culture, They have the women stay home to clean and cook, while the men go out and work.


There are three common languages spoken in Peru: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. Quechua is a language that dates back to the 16th century, when the Incan empire spoke it. Only 8 million people speak it in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and Argentina. Aymara is spoken by about 2 million people and is a main language in Peru and Bolivia. But it is also spoken in Chile and Argentina. Aymara is symbols and pictures of people and animals.


One Taboo in Peru is calling someone over using a curled pointer finger. It is considered an insult. Also importing raw ham form Italy and Portugal is prohibited.


Some Culture landscapes are the clothing Peruvians wear. They usually have western style clothing and also the traditional garb. Futbol (soccer) is the most popular sport in Peru. Other sports that are common down there are volleyball and bullfighting. Climate changes are effecting the way farmers do there work, which is effecting the Peruvian culture. They have to find new ways to do things. A couple subcultures in Peru are low class, middle class and high class. The lower class lives close to the Andes mountains.
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