4th Grade News

May 2016

The Summer Slide

There are many things to look forward to about summer. Time at the pool, backyard barbecues, and campfires are just a few. Summer is a great time to relax and spend time with family. While I encourage families to relax and enjoy summer, summer can also be a time when academic skills are lost. This phenomenon is so common it even has a name. "Summer Slide" is the tendency for students to lose some academic gains made during the previous school year. The good news is that students who spend just 15-30 minutes a day reading and working on math skills can maintain their academic skills. There are many programs designed to combat the summer slide. Here are just a few:

Peabody Library Summer Reading Program - The Peabody Library sponsors an annual summer reading program encouraging students to read over the summer and rewarding them with coupons to local establishments.

LTES will host Kickin Back with Books Monday evenings from 5-7. Students will be able to check out guided reading books as well as books from the LTES library.

Xtra Math - students can keep their computation skills sharp.

Moby Max - an online math, reading and science curriculum that finds and fixes "holes" in students' learning.

CK-12 has a daily online program for students to practice math and science skills.

Please take advantage of some of these wonderful programs to combat the summer slide!

Free State Park Pass

Indiana is celebrating its birthday by giving a present to 4th graders. Every fourth grader in Indiana can download a free state parks pass from everykidinapark.gov for free admission to any national or Indiana state park during 2016! With this pass, an entire car/family can enter the park for free.

Field Day

Field Day is scheduled for May 25. This is an outside day. Please have your child dress for the weather and consider sending sunscreen. No flip flops please!

Important Dates

May 20 - Conner Prairie Field Trip

May 25 - Field Day

May 25 and 26 - LTES Book Fair

May 27 - Last Day of School

July 18 - Online Registration Opens

Have a wonderful summer!