Mrs. Reeg's Math Class News

Week of December 7, 2015

This Week In Math:

This week we learned how to change a fraction to a decimal and practice solving story problems that involve mixed numbers. On Friday we took our Ch. 3 end of the unit test. Next week we will begin Ch. 4 on multiplying and dividing fractions. We will begin the unit learning how to multiply whole numbers by fractions and fractions by fractions. We will also learn how to model multiplication of fractions. Below I have included a video from Math Antics on multiplying fractions.

Math Antics video on Multiplying Fractions

Friendly reminders and upcoming events

  • Art club - group 2 is Monday, December 14th at 3:30pm
  • Holiday Shop - Mrs. Reeg's class will shop Tuesday, December 15th at 12pm
  • Intramurals is Thursday, December 17th at 3:30pm
  • Juggling Club is Monday, December 21st at 3:30pm
  • Tuesday, December 22nd is the classroom Holiday party
  • Don't forget to purchase your child's yearbook. Sale is going on now.

Holiday time

As the holiday approaches, there are so many things going on in our lives – Christmas shopping, meals to prepare, presents to wrap, cards to write, gatherings with families and friends and a whole host of activities that keep us very busy Christmas can be a time of joy and great fun for families, but it can also be stressful for children. For some families financial pressures associated with gift giving and holiday events can add stress and pressure to parents. The Sterling Morton family would like you to know that we are here to help. Many different resources are available. Please contact your homeroom teacher and let us know that there is a need for assistance and how we can best help you.

Yearbook Sale

Order your yearbook early this year! Online orders only accepted at this time. The cost is $12.00. Visit Our school ID code is 11593816

Front Row - Math and Reading Intervention

We are excited to announce that we are trying out a website call Front Row. It is a personalized math and reading comprehension practice that our students will love. The program addresses student weaknesses and building off strengths, Front Row is designed to increase confidence and promote growth in ALL students regardless of their ability level. Each domain in Front Row starts with a diagnostic that determines the students' level. The test adapts in real-time to create an accurate assessment of what students already know. Here is how to get the students started:

Have the student log in to their accounts at using their first and last name and class code.

Mr. L's homeroom: jkf4y3

Mrs. Reeg's homeroom: 4vp2ks

Miss Harden's homeroom: 96cbyh