The KCM Homeless Shelter

Open 24 hours Everyday!

Join the best homeless shelter in Virginia

Do you need a comfortable place to go with places to sleep? Guess what? We have meals, beds, games, celebrations, food, and job opportunities to help you get back on your feet! We also take pets, so you don't have to find a different shelter for your furry friends too. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week except for the following:

In order to get dinner and spend the night, you have to come to the shelter by 9 pm.

THANK YOU SPONSORS-We wouldn't have gotten this shelter where it is today without the donations from you!


Breakfast: 5-7am

Lunch: 11am-1pm

Dinner: 5-7pm

Sleeping Hours (beds available): 9pm-6am


The Bon Secours training committee will come and give medical training/job offers once a month. There are also Richmond Police Department volunteers that have been coming to our organization to give lessons on safety skills every week. All of our members enjoy these job opportunities and love having these special guests speak.

Note: Fees

KCM Shelter is free until you have stayed there for a year.

$10 per person has to be payed when your yearly time is up.

If you are unable to pay then, you pay $1 a month until you can pay off fully.


First Testimonial

Jane Capricorn tells Elizabeth about how wonderful it has been to be helped by the thoughtful KCM shelter. "I have learned so much being with this society and loved their weekly celebrations and games!" She has now gotten a job offer at a local school to be a lunch lady and is looking forward to the opportunity.

Second Testimonial

Robert Bradbury had been at this shelter for 2 years before he got a job offer as a traffic officer. "I am so thankful that KCM took me in and provided for me and my family. Without the KCM shelter I would not be where I am today. Their meals are fantastic and the people that served us are even better!"

Third Testimonial

The Jones family would like to thank KCM for helping them through tough times. " We have had many fun family memories thanks to the KCM staff, we felt that they were very generous and considerate especially to our distressed family. All our children got the education they needed from the monthly training."