21st Century Learning


Measurement - Geometry = Scales Reader, Measure It, Weighing in Gms, Can You Fill It?,

Thinking = Coffee Shop, Make 24, Extreme Maths, Mancala, The Parking Lot, Sea Saw Logic.

Data - Graphs = Line graphs explained, Data Picking.


Spelling Documents - Lizzie Chase shared some SA Spelling support documents she has collected. Thank you Lizzie.

What does good discussion look like?

Alliteration and Onomatopoeia resource plus Grammar For Kids

Laura Chaffey's Stage 1 Unit -Key conecpts are Persuasion and POV. Thanks Laura.

Featured texts "I Wanna Iguana’‘, "The Day the Crayons Quit’ ‘Dear Mrs LaRue’, ‘I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato’, ‘Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type’.

Main Idea Game - Read a short passage and identify the main idea. Plus Main Idea Millionaire.

Authors Purpose - A game to identify the author's purpose.

Cause and Effect Game - Identify the cause and effect via a bright, engaging game.

Ghosts in The Graveyard - Synonyms and Antonyms game. Plus Antonym Matcher, Canonball Catch.

Fact or Opinion - Game

Context Clues Game

New Curriculum

Melbourne Declaration - I have embedded a PDF of this document for easy reference.

Integrated Units Scope and Sequence - Developed by Leanne Williamson - AP at Thomas Acre PS. Thanks for sharing Leanne.

Glenys Goffett's K-6 Science Outcomes and Content documents and Scope and Sequence. Thanks Glenys.

Science Units - I have collated the Science Units and added them to my AC Units site.


Chrome Extensions to change websites into PDFs, use PPT to create an unique desktop organiser, a tool to randomly select names/phonic sounds/tables etc and an Origami Fun website.

What is Internet Safety? - A simple 39 second Powtoon clip.

Zello App - Enable syou to use your iPhone/iPad as a walkie-talkie.

Interactive Spider - Very lifelike and you can adjust its size.

Mouse Skills - Typing - New resources include Pop Corn typing, Bees and Honey an ES1 mouse skills game, Pirate Puzzle an ES1 mouse skills game.

Other Resources

Music Web 2 Tools - Tanbur is an amazing site, jammed pack with resources and ideas, that's if you have the time to view everything!

Plus there are 22 more music websites to visit, all very engaging and exciting.

Highlands School of Behaviour - Resources on Behaviour Management, Specific Disorders, Mental Health, On-line Learning and more

Multiculturalism Pictures of Greek Cafes and Fruit Markets - Thanks Vivian Harris for sharing these.

Aboriginal Weather Knowledge

The Dillybag - The Dillybag has been developed as a tool to centralise Aboriginal Education resources and provide useful information for educators at all levels within the Hunter area.

On-line Picture Dictionary for EALD students plus ESL Games

Online Bibliography Maker

Language of The Month - Children teaching their home language.

Have You Visited?

Did you know Jolly Phonics has an app? Also the Stick Pick app is new.

Have you seen the New Curriculum Science Mapping Grids?

Geography Website Links

History Website Links - Moments In Time resource

Science Website Links - Ology and Science Topics websites.

Difference Differently - Explore diversity with this free interactive on-line resource. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Difference Differently offers modules in English, History, Geography and Civics & Citizenship for students in Years 3 to 10.

Early Career Teachers section which includes lots of great resources. Have you read Corinne Campbell's blog recently?