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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Types of PEDS

When Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) played for the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003, he admitted that he used PEDS in 2009. He said that he wanted to be known for one of the best baseball players of all time. So he took banned substances to do so. He regretted that. When he got traded to the New York Yankees, A-Rod wanted to start over. He also said that he was young so he made a very pour choice to take PEDS. The PEDS that he took were testosterone and primobolan.

A Little Bit of History.

Doping is a word that is used in sports for athletes who used banned substances or methods to unfairly improve their sporting performance. Doping can hurt you because if you get caught, then their is going to be a big consequence such as a suspension from the sport, losing a medal from the Olympics or something. There are a lot of baseball players just like Alex Rodriguez such as; Pud Galvin a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Babe Ruth a legendary outfielder of the New York Yankees

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I wouldn't trade my life for gold because I wouldn't want to be known as a cheater. Another thing is that it wouldn't seem like I truly earned the gold medal, I would feel weird that I won gold by using PEDS. I would like to cherish my life instead of using PEDS. I think that it is stupid that people would trade their life for gold, I would NEVER do that. I would feel guilty for using PEDS.