By Taylor


English is one of my favorite classes because I like to read, the stories are interesting and they help me remember vocabulary words. I like the way class is relaxing and unstressful. This portfolio shows how I have grown over the first semester. I have written many stories this year, but I will show you how I have grown in English this semester. So this first story will be one of my first writings, the second will be one in the middle of the semester and the third will be one of my last stories.

Most Dangerous Game

We responded by finishing the stories. We included sensory details and much action. I loved writing this story because it was really fun and it was easy to come up with creative ideas to make the story interesting. This was probably one of my favorite pieces to write. So my first draft was fine, but it wasn't very interesting at first. So then I had Coach Ort proof read it and she gave me feed back and I corrected and made the story more interesting. Now my story makes more sense, has better grammar, and has more action.

Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game: Plot Twist

When Rainsford was running away from Zaroff, he climbed up in a tree to hide after he had made his tricky trail to follow. He needed rest, so he tried to sleep, but he was much too afraid to get any rest. It is a good thing that he didn’t fall asleep because right then, he heard a man walking through the woods. When he looked up, he saw Zaroff standing at the base of the tree. Zaroff didn’t see Rainsford in the tree right away, and Rainsford stood as still as he possibly could. Zaroff’s eyes started to inch up the tree. When his eyes reached Rainsford, he smiled, he pulled out his gun and he started to climb up the tree.

He didn’t have any difficulty climbing the tree so he reached Rainsford in no time. Zaroff smirked and said to Rainsford, “Looks like you lost, not like I expected anything different. “ Then all of a sudden the tree branches started to move and sway they heard a loud noise on top of them and it got very windy. Then they looked up, saw lights and realized a helicopter was right above them. It was Whitney with the rest of the crew! They had organized a search party for Rainsford. Although Rainsford couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Whitney, he decided to make his move. Zaroff was still in shock that there was a helicopter hovering over them, so Rainsford took advantage of the distraction and kicked him out of the tree. Then Whitney put down a ladder and Rainsford started climbing up the latter to get away from Zaroff.

When he reached the helicopter, he quickly got in and shut the door. Then he gave Whitney a giant hug and they flew off. Rainsford asked Whitney all sorts of questions about how he got the helicopter and how he found him. Whitney had borrowed the helicopter from an old friend; who lived on the neighboring island. So after that he had quickly flown the helicopter over to Whitney and the crew, and then they were off to go look for Rainsford. Rainsford didn’t know it, but the day before he fell off the ship, Whitney had put a tracker on his arm while he was sleeping so anywhere he went Whitney could follow him. Whitney had lost Rainsford before, so he didn’t want that to happen again.

After returning the helicopter they sailed home. Since they never found Zaroff, Rainsford was always keeping a watchful eye for him and was always on his guard.

Mom's Diary

This story was about how a young lady was so upset with her mom. She didn't want to live up to what her mom's expectations for her were. So I wrote about this story but in the mom's point of view. I talked about how the mom only wanted what was best for her daughter. I made a lot of corrections after I proof read this story. My first draft was pretty boring but then after I worked on it a little bit longer, it got more interesting and it made more sense.

Mom's Dairy

My daughter is a beautiful young lady with short brown hair, dark eyes, and dark gorgeous skin. She is tall and slender with pretty clothes that flatter her nicely. I hope that she will be the best piano player in the world when she grows up. Also I hope that she will be the most beautiful girl in the world.

When I was on my to America, I was pregnant with twins, but I had a miscarriage and so I never had those 2 babies which was very devastating. I got pregnant again though about 2 years later and out came a beautiful baby girl that I named Ni Kan.

I have very high expectations for my baby girl because she is my only daughter and I want her to be amazing and accomplish big things. So I am going to push her to her fullest potential. I want her to respect me, and everyone she meets. She should be helpful in our family and follow my rules. She needs to be kind to every one. I want her to be a prodigy in many things, for instance, piano, chess, sewing, and singing.

Now that my daughter is getting older, I think it is time for me to start pushing her to her limits. I am going to sign her up for piano lessons.

Now that she is in piano, Ni Kan never obeys me anymore and it is making me very upset. She always pulls back and tries to get away with everything. All I am trying to do is help her to be a wonderful person but she will never listen to me.

Her temper is getting worse than ever and I don’t know what to do. I want to stop putting so much pressure on her but I’m afraid she will become lazy and she won’t want to do anything.

Today is the day of her piano recital and I am very anxious to see her play in front of all these people and to see how she handles the pressure. She looks gorgeous in her white dress. She started to play her piano piece but she was hitting so many wrong notes. I didn’t think someone could play piano that awful. I am very disappointed in her; but I will not give up on her because I see so much potential in my beautiful young daughter. Maybe one day she will realize that I just wanted what was best for her.


We read a poem called Incident in the Rose Garden. It was about death. So I decided to write a scary story. This is a thrilling story and it was enjoyable to write. I love coming up with creative things and using my imagination to make it interesting. My rough draft was still scary, but after I read over it and made corrections, the final piece became very scary and more interesting.

Death: The Dog the Girl and the Man

Yes!! Today is the day that my parents are going on their big trip! I finally have freedom and I get the whole house to myself! I will start off by eating all the food in the house and lying on the couch and watching TV. Then I will go out to eat with all my friends and then this evening I will have a bunch of people over and we will have a party!! This will be the best day ever!

Those were my first thoughts of what turned out to be the worst day ever. It started off a great day. It was sunny and I ate my delicious food and watched a few TV. shows. I even went out to eat with my friends and I did have that big party that I had always wanted. We had an amazing time and it went till 1:00 in the morning!

After everyone left I was home alone again. I started to clean up the house because I didn’t want my parents to know that I had a big party. So after I cleaned everything up, I went downstairs and took a nice, long, hot shower. Then I went to bed and said goodnight to my pet dog named Chester. He always sleeps under my bed because it is nice and warm and dark under there.

As I drifted off to sleep I dreamt of parties and friends and food. Then I suddenly awoke to a sound of something dripping in my bathroom. I figured it was just water or something, but I was still a little freaked out, so whenever I get scared at night I always put my hand under my bed and my dog licks my hand for comfort. So I put my hand under my bed and Chester licked my hand and I knew everything was okay.

I fell back to sleep quickly but a little while later I heard a dripping noise in the bathroom again. I was tempted to go see what it was but I was too tired to get out of my bed, so I just dangled my hand below my bed again and Chester’s reassuring lick made me feel better.

I went back to sleep for about 30 minutes to again wake up to that annoying dripping noise! I finally decided to get out of bed to see what was up. So I crawled out of my bed and tiptoed to the bathroom right across the hall. The dripping noise seemed to come from the shower. So I opened the shower curtain, and there, hanging from a rope, was my dog, dripping blood.

I screamed because one, my dog was dead, and somebody did that either at the party or somebody was in my house, and two, what was licking my hand? I whipped my head around and standing there was a man with a black bag in his hand and said, “It is very nice and warm under your bed.” And then he put the bag over my head and dragged me into a car and drove off.

I have no idea where he drove me but right now I am in a dark room with my mouth covered so I can’t talk and the door is locked. I am trapped and I have no idea what is going to happen to me. This is the worst day ever.


This portfolio highlights my growth as a writer this fall. I have gotten better at creating suspense, describing details and organizing my writing, so I deserve an A for my efforts. My favorite poem was Incident in the Rose Garden. It was fun writing about the scary story. I struggled a little bit with grammar but the MUG shots helped a lot. I also struggle with trying to get my book report done on time because I get easily distracted. I loved reading the book Flowers for Algernon because of all the activities we did along with it. I am looking forward for the book Ender's Game because it sounds like there will be a lot of action in it. English is a great class and it helps me in my every-day writing.