White's Tower Elementary

Bearcat Brief Version 2

Welcome to White's Tower

The last 4 weeks have definitely been one for the books. We can not thank you all enough for your support, patience and for just being all around amazing! September 28th is quickly approaching and we are ready to welcome our students who have signed up for in-person instruction. Please remember that despite the model your family has chosen for your child, White's Tower will continue to deliver top notch instruction.

Please feel free to call the office at (859) 356-9668 if you have any questions prior to in-person school starting on Monday, September 28th.

COVID-19 Back to School Questionnaire for Students

As we prepare for our first day of in-person instruction with students, each student must have a completed COVID-19 Back to School Questionnaire for Students prior to the first day on in-person instruction. The form must be completed prior to September 28th. The link below must be completed by each student who is returning for in-person instruction

COVID-19 Back to School Questionnaire for Students

Sychronous Learning

With the start of in-person school quickly approaching, we are getting several questions about the rotational schedule for 4th and 5th grade students. The rotational schedule is for when in-person instruction is taking place ONLY.

Title 1 School Notification

Parent Right to Know Notification- Please use this link to access information regarding information parents have a right to request regarding their child’s teacher. This can go in your newsletter or be sent home to parents. All students should receive this information in some format. http://bit.ly/TitleParentRequest2020

Technology Devices

In order to plan accordingly for the technology needs of our Bearcats, we will be letting students who have devices bring their own devices from home. Students will be able to use their own devices to access the internet and collaborate with others. Students are not required to have or bring their own device to school, this is completely optional. For those who do not have a device, White's Tower Elementary will work to provide one so that all students have the same opportunity.

RULES: Devices will only be used for educational purposes as outlined by the student A.U.P. (Acceptable Use Policy) that was signed at the beginning of the year.

*No texting

*No picture taking

*No phone calling

*No social networking

*No explicit music

*No video recording

1.) The devices will be used in the classrooms only and not on the bus

2.) No sharing of personal devices

3.) Students are responsible for their own devices and they must know how to use them.


Car Rider Pro

White's Tower has an all new student drop-off and pick-up route. When you pull in, you will now be pulling into the Kenton County Fairgrounds driveway and follow the traffic pattern. This year White's Tower will be using a new electronic car rider pick-up system. As you arrive for afternoon pick-up, each car tag will be scanned. The scanned number will then notify the school that you are in line. Cars must have the car tag hanging to be scanned. During the below times, guardians/parents can pick up car rider tags. Each household is limited to 2 car tags. Prior to picking up numbers, please feel out the form so that a car tag number can be assessed to each household. Having this form completed prior to these pick up dates will speed up the process during these windows of time. https://forms.gle/HBMjq9jaRwf5g35w6

Monday, September 21st


Wednesday, September 23rd


Thursday, September 24th


School Visitors

White's Tower Elementary will not be allowing nonessential visitors to reduce congestion in common areas. This includes walking students to classrooms, to the parent drop off locations, having lunch with your child, etc. In the case that your child is arriving late or leaving early, parents must accompany their child into/out of the school. Parents/guardians must be masked, sign student-in/out in the office and then wait in the common area outside the office until student is ready.

Morning Drop Off

Morning drop off time for students to go directly to the individual classroom with their teacher is 8:30. If this creates a hardship for your family, early drop off is available starting at 8:00. Students arriving for early drop off will be confined to a large space with to students from all grade levels/classrooms.

Synchronous Learning Meal Service

Families can pick up meals for enrolled students at any of the seventeen district schools. Meal pickup times can be found on the Kenton County Virtual Meal Pickup Schedule. Families are asked to pre order meals by Thursday for pickup the following week Virtual Meal Pickup Order Form.

Tech Tip Tuesdays

Each week we will be posting a tech tip video to help support technology and questions that you may have at home with the technology you are using. These videos will be posted on our school webpage under the 'Tech Tip' Folder. Attached is also a 'Google Classroom' friendly-flyer.

Here is the Tech Tip for the week: Split Screens on Chromebooks.


Social Emotional Learning

White's Tower is proud to announce that we will be teaching the Zones of Regulation to our Bearcats throughout the year. Please feel free to click on the link below to find out more about this exciting addition to our academic program. If you have any questions about the Zones of Regulation, please contact our guidance counselor Eric Hendrix.


Immunization Compliance

Prior to in-person, we are asking all parents/guardians to visit your child’s Infinite Campus parent portal and view their child’s Health Tab. We are seeing immunization non-compliance for a variety of reasons. Most non-compliance issues are the result of the new immunization requirements. Please view your child’s Health Tab for these issues:

If Hepatitis A vaccine dates aren’t displayed, please contact your healthcare provider. Many students have received the Hepatitis A vaccine, but the dates were not indicated on the certificate currently at school. Proper immunization for Hep A is two doses of the vaccine 6 months apart. If your child has already received the age-appropriate vaccines for school entry, he or she will not be required to receive the vaccine(s) again. Providing an updated immunization certificate with these required vaccines is all that is needed.

If you find your child is missing these required immunizations, please contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible to address these issues. School personnel will also be reaching out to parents/guardians regarding the health requirements for their children. Anytime you get a new immunization certificate, please make a copy for your records. If you have any questions please contact the nurse at 356-9668 option 1.

Please remember that even though in-person instruction has been postponed, immunization forms, physicals and other health documents such as medication authorization forms, should still be turned in asap. Documents can be emailed to meghan.williams@kenton.kyschools.us or may be mailed to White's Tower. If mailing, please make a copy for your own records. All health documents can be found on the KCSD website under the Health Services department.