Ian Renner Cape Town

Breaking into the Film Industry

A Lifetime of Passion for the Movies

Ian Renner of Cape Town has loved movies since he was a child. He watched movies whenever he could and especially loved going out to the theater to see a film. He loved taking in the details of the movies he watched, then replaying the movies over and over in his head. He grew up with the dream of becoming an actor and moving to Hollywood.

Home Entertainment - Surround Sound Is More Attainable Than Ever

When it comes to home entertainment, there has never been a better time to dress up your house with gadgets and technology that take music and movie enjoyment to new levels. With prices for entertainment systems dropping and wireless technology increasing, entertainment options are more accessible than ever for the average household.

Surround sound can take music enjoyment and movie viewing to a whole new level, and there are multiple options available to create surround sound in a room. Wireless speaker systems are a great option for those that don’t want cables and wires stretched throughout a room. Wireless speakers can be placed in optimum locations throughout the room to achieve the ultimate in sound experience. More surround sound options are available with traditional wired speakers, just be prepared for the work involved with placing with the cables and wires associated with this type of speaker.

Not long ago, having a home theater system was a rarity, due to high costs of both the equipment and the elaborate set up associated with wiring and placing speakers. Now, with wireless options, along with prices for surround sound systems that are more affordable, having a home theater is within reach for those wanting to take their entertainment to new levels.

Ian Renner Cape Town loves all the new technology available in home entertainment. Of all the technology in his Los Angeles home, he is most proud of his elaborate home theater system, where he can indulge in one of his favorite past times, watching movies.

Tips for Being a Success in Investment Banking

Investment banking can be a lucrative career, with huge opportunities to cash in on the high stakes transactions that are part of the job. The field of investment banking can also be a very challenging one, with high pressure as a regular part of the job. Here are three top tips for gaining success in this field:

1. Be willing to take risks

A large majority of the job involves taking risks. Every transaction an investment banker deals with comes with some degree of risk, and for those transactions that involve large sums of money, the risk is even greater. Having the confidence to take these risks is also essential.

2. Be willing to deal with the pressure

With millions of dollars at stake on a daily basis, the pressure of the job is high.

Remaining calm in the face of the pressures is crucial, and those that can handle the inevitable high stakes of the job will be on their way to success in the field.

3. Be a numbers person

This may seem obvious, but strong mathematical and analytical skills are crucial to success in this field. Studying numbers and financial statements and interpreting their meaning is one of the backbones of success in this career.

Ian Renner of Cape Town worked in the field of investments for a decade. He worked his way up to a partnership position after starting in an entry-level data entry position. He credits his success in the field to his fierce determination and competitive work ethic.