What do you know about dinosaurs

How where dinosaurs instinct

They say that dinosaur extinction is still a mystery , They also say that an big meteorite hit by the gulf of mexico and killed the dinosaur and all the plants died so the plant eaters had nothing to eat . They say when the meteorite hit earth they believe that dinosaurs died before that.

How did they find their bones

A lot of dinosaurs skeletons have not been found they said that dinosaurs have already died when the meteorite hit earth . One of the first dinosaur bones that was found was in china . Then they found a huge thigh bone in England . The very first dinosaur that was ever found was a megalosaurus .

Why did all the dinosaur’s die

Climate or tropical change that interrupted with the dinosaurs food . But a father and son named Luis and Walter Alvarez found out that an asteroid or a meteorite impacted the dinosaurs to die in mexico .