May/June Newsletter

Summer Edition

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From the Principal

by Mrs. Morris

Dear AMAZING Dassel Elementary Families and Community,

For twelve years I have had the privilege of sharing an ‘electrifying’ and ‘super-charged’ time with all of you as we worked to achieve success for the students at Dassel Elementary. During those years, the Dassel Elementary staff and I have worked very hard to ‘amp up’ lessons and to ‘energize’ students through quality educational instruction and programming. We have truly been intentional about ‘igniting’ a passion for learning through a multitude of ways. We have made every effort to create a place where the whole child is valued and we rallied to ‘Educate, Innovate and Succeed’ alongside every single child. What a ‘dynamic’ ride we have had together!!

Have I been PROUD to serve as a DC 'CHARGEr' leader?…….An 'electrifying' YES to that!!!! So, in so many ways, I am sad to say GOOD-BYE to all this fun….The time has come, though, for me to announce my retirement. I am so thankful and appreciative for all the time spent as a Dassel-Cokato principal……I want to THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for every conversation, hand shake, hug, moment of kindness, your laughter, your support, your ‘ENERGY’, shared card, gift/s, and soooooo much more! To the students I say thank you for every smile, high five, elbow and/or fist bump, hug, pipe cleaner gift, macaroni necklace, and all the invites to dance recitals, plays, wrestling matches, activities, sporting events, birthday parties, classroom parties, trips to favorable destinations (Oh, wait….I think that was me inviting myself!!), etc. I guess this is how it feels to be part of a very special place!!! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!

Speaking of special moments/memories……What an incredible time we had with grandparents on Grandparents’ Day!! Our goal was to have this special day in the same week as our Spring Concert……lots of shared experiences for sure. A special shout out to our 1st and 2nd grade performers…..Sure shows you what spectacular things young students can accomplish! Way to Go!

May will bring many opportunities to close out the school year in style….check this out: first grade bike rally, field trips, camp skeeter activities, school patrol MN TWINS game, Screen Free Week, kindergarten Very Hungry Caterpillar Play, etc…..just to name a few!

With Sincere Gratefulness to all of you,

Mrs. Morris

Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations are very special to receive! We ask for your cooperation in not sending birthday invitations to school to be handed out. We have many disappointed children when invitations are handed out and they are not included. Please make arrangements to mail them or deliver the invitations in an alternative way! Please note: our school office and teaching staff cannot disclose the addresses of our students due to data privacy laws.

Golden Rulers for April and May

Every day at school, the students at Dassel Elementary are involved in CARE groups from 9:45-10:15. During this time, they are engaged in a lesson about character education while having a snack and juice/milk break. This year, we are focusing on the character pillars of respect and responsibility. One of the activities we do each month is to have the students in each of the nine CARE groups select a Golden Ruler of the Month to represent their group! They are asked to vote for a member who continually displays all six character pillars and demonstrates the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

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From the Health Office

by Jenny Heidecker, LSN

End of the School Year Reminders

Fun in the SUN!!

Summer is just around the corner! The days are getting longer and warmer, which means more time is spent in the sun. This is a good time to remember that sunscreen is a necessity whenever we are exposed to the sun, no matter how long the exposure.

Here are some tips to protect your skin while having fun in the sun!

  • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day, even on days when it isn’t hot or sunny. Clouds can only minimally filter UV radiation.

  • Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes prior to sun exposure.

  • Take extra precaution when around water, sand, or concrete, as these can reflect UV rays.

  • Wear hats and sunglasses to limit sun exposure to the face and eyes. Damage from the sun can be seen later in life in the form of cataracts.

  • Reapply sunscreen frequently - Water resistant and waterproof formulas can protect for up to 40-80 minutes if in the water.

  • Check medication labels. Some medicine can cause skin to be more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

  • Try to stay in the shade when the sun is at its strongest - usually from 10am-4pm.


Attention Parents/Guardians: Please make arrangements to pick up any medication that has been stored in the Health Office this year. For safety reasons, medication will NOT be sent home with students unless a written consent from a parent/guardian has been received. Certain prescription medications will need to be picked up by an adult.

Medication that has not been picked up by 3:00pm on the last day of school will be disposed of. Please call the Dassel Elementary Health Assistant at x1506 or the District School Nurse at x1804 if you have any questions.

Thank you, and have a fun, fantastic, and relaxing summer!

Grandparent's Day

Our Grandparent’s Day celebration returned to Dassel Elementary on Thursday, April 28! It was a great opportunity for grandparents to visit their grandchildren in the classrooms and see what their “world of education” looks like! So much fun to experience school in the actual classroom that these kids enjoy during the school year, along with meeting staff and friends! Many smiles were shared by all ages!

Thank you grandparents for joining us and supporting education!

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First Grade Bike Rally

The Annual First Grade Bike Rally will be held on Friday, May 20th! Once again we are very excited to use the day to teach first graders about the importance of bike safety. The day will be filled with many great opportunities for our students. There will be guest speakers, an obstacle course and bicycle safety inspections. All first graders will receive a bike helmet as needed, and have the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt. New bikes will also be given away in a drawing!

As a reminder, parents will need to drop their child’s bike off in the teacher parking lot any time before 11:00am on May 20th. Please be sure to mark your child’s bike with their name! Students will be using their bikes throughout the day (from 11am on). We are hoping to conclude the day with a bike ride from 2:00-2:30. All bikes will need to be picked up by 3:00pm!

From the PE Teachers

by Mrs. Sorgatz and Mr. Westby /

End of the year fun!

The calendar says it’s spring, however the weather doesn’t seem to agree! Regardless of the temps, we are busy with lots of learning in the gym (and hopefully soon outside as well). We recently wrapped up our amazing learning experience with rollerblading (grades 2-4). We will be reviewing many of our core movement skills and concepts again this spring as we transition to having class outdoors. A few areas of study that the students will be involved in include: batting and fielding, kicking skills and games, common summer rec/backyard activities, as well as a culminating activity / field day scheduled for Friday, May 27th (volunteers needed).

Need some air?

As kids start looking through their outside toys, they may notice some balls are flat from being out in the cold. Mrs. Sorgatz would like to help! If you don’t have means to pump up balls at your home, students are encouraged to bring these flat balls to Phy Ed class and she’ll get them pumped up so they can be played with at home again!

I like sandals too, but not during Phy Ed!

I sometimes ask the students if they have tried to write out their spelling words with a bowling pin or a broken pencil. Another good one is when I ask them the last time they watched a MN Vikings player wear flip-flops during the football games. The bottom line is this: you need the right tool for the job! Students have daily Phy Ed and are required to wear TIGHT FITTING and SUPPORTIVE shoes. Flip flops, Crocs, Dude Shoes, sandals, and other slip-on types of shoes are not the appropriate tools for the students to have on their feet during class. Many, many, many students fall/trip themselves as these types of shoes often come off while running. Another concern is that students often hinder themselves from developing a mature running pattern due to the loose/instability of their shoes. Please help me in encouraging foot health and overall safety during active play, especially for Phy Ed class.

Charger Kids Club

Charger Kids Club is a school aged childcare program for children in grades K-6th grade (grade completed in 21-22). Charger Kids Club offers a fun, safe and exciting place for your child to spend their summer! Summer programming includes a variety of scheduled activities and FUN field trips. To register or get more information, please visit our website at OR contact Jennifer Todnem at 320.286.4100 x1031 or email .

New for the 2022-2023 school year... Charger Kids Club is coming to Dassel Elementary! See flyer below for more information.

From the Volunteer Coordinator

by Mrs. Neu

Thank You! A phrase we hear often; but sometimes don’t really understand the meaning and the true emotion that comes with that phrase.

I truly do thank you for volunteering, for supporting our students and staff, and for being a part of Dassel Elementary! We begin each school year with enthusiasm and hope and excitement. We start with loads of energy and compassion. It is with the support of those around us that we keep that all going for the school year.

I look forward to next school year and to connecting with you and finding opportunities for you to be a part of our educational experience with these wonderful children!


Reminder about Illness

As we move through Spring, just a quick reminder to please continue to monitor the health of your family on a daily basis and keep students home when ill or displaying symptoms! If you have any questions, please contact our school Health Assistant at 320.286.4100 x1506 or Jenny Heidecker, LSN, at 320.286.4100 x1804 with any questions.

Ag Day at Dassel Elementary

Our Dassel-Cokato FFA Chapter visited Dassel Elementary on Friday, May 6! Students enjoyed traveling to different stations learning about agriculture, seeing many farm animals (right on our playground!) an opportunity to plant a flower, and so much more. A big THANK YOU to this awesome group for putting on this event for us!!

The Four W's of Student Safety

WHO: Parents/Guardians driving students to and/or picking students up at Dassel Elementary School.

WHAT: We need your help to keep Dassel Elementary students safe during loading and unloading times. AM - Students should enter the building at the east door. Please do not drop students off in the front (south) side of the building as this area is designated as a bus loading and unloading zone. PM - Students not riding a school bus will be dismissed on the east side of Dassel Elementary. Students will cross the street to walk home or meet their parents, with patrol assistance, at Guy Street and William Ave - see map. At no time will students be allowed to cross at any location other than a marked crosswalk, unless accompanied by an adult! Parents/Guardians are encouraged to pick students up at the door to safely escort them to a vehicle. Reminder: Please do not park and wait in the middle of the street! We also ask that you do not park in the yellow curb (dotted line on the map) Pick Up Zone during the designated hours.

WHEN: Pick Up Zone -- Loading & Unloading Times 7:45am to 8:10am and 3:10pm to 3:20pm.

WHERE: In order to safely manage traffic during loading and unloading times we are requesting that parents travel north on Willis Street - West on Horace Avenue - South on Guy Street. This will create a continuous flow of traffic that can utilize the Pick Up Zone (No Parking -- dotted line on map) to ease congestion and concerns regarding student safety.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding this very important safety concern!

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Last Day of School

In case there is any confusion... our last day of school will be Friday, June 3! Thanks for another great school year!!
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