Aidan Harper

Stuff about moi.

Welcome to AP Biology

My name is Aidan Harper(duh), and I go to school at GCA and GVS(double duh). I am in ninth grade, and my favorite subject is Biology( I bet everyone is going to say that). I am taking this course because I want a challenge. ( I was going to say "because I want to be mentally challenged" but...) Also, it will help me to fulfill my goal of being able to dual enroll next year. I have taken a few other classes online, and I enjoy the flexibility. I expect this course to be challenging and fun.

My future hopes

I have two main career aspirations. I either want to work with post-modern robotics or be a theoretical physicist. They are both exciting fields which we have only barely scratched the surface of.

College plan

As for college, I will probably start dual enrollment next year, during which I will be taking all my classes through Armstrong University. After getting my Associates degree through Armstrong, I will likely attend the University of Arizona. I will then move on to Harvard, if I go into physics. If I don't go into physics, I'll stay in Arizona and start up a robotics company.


If I become a theoretical physics, I will probably work with entanglement theory. I will then buy a crowbar, get a bright orange suit, stop speaking, and save the world(that was a really funny joke. If you don't get it, you suck.). Ok, seriously though, I would work with entanglement theory, string theory, and multiverse theory.

My fav

My favorite games are Portal, Portal 2, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 episode 1, Half Life two episode 2, Team Fortress 2, Pretty much anything else that's made by Valve, like L4D, L4D2..., Jurassic Park: The Game, and finally, Lego Jurassic World.