Launch Day!

Staying On In Stockton

What's available for young people who wish to 'stay on' in education?

Careers teachers, Heads of year 11, careers professionals, IYSS professionals and all agencies working with young people will come together on Friday 22 March at Stockton Riverside College to hear about the latest developments in learning for young people in Stockton.

The event is designed to allow practitioners to hear all of the latest developments with respect to ‘staying on’ for young people, and to gain an understanding of the options available to young people, within the Stockton area.

The event will see a range of learning providers and support agencies demonstrate their service and allow practitioners to explore what staying on in Stockton looks like for those young people who have not yet achieved a level 2 equivalent or will not have done so before they leave school.

The event is one of a two part launch of the ‘Staying on in Stockton’ campaign. The second part of the campaign is aimed at the young people of Stockton themselves, and intends to ensure that those young people who will not be leaving school with a level two equivalent have enough information to make a decision that will start them on their next steps successfully (date to be confirmed).

Staying On In Stockton

Friday, March 22nd, 9am

Harvard Avenue

Stockton on Tees, Stockton-on-Tees

Plan of the day

1. Welcome and open

2. Keynote speech

3. Staying on- What does it look like in Stockton

16+ destinations analysis

4. Provider overview of available provision.

5. Labour Market Intelligence

6. Workshops:

Study Programmes

· Apprenticeships

· Financial Support

· Identifying and addressing the barriers that prevent learners staying on in Stockton

7. Way forward- Task and finish group.

Contact us

If you would like any further information on this event or would like to book a place, please contact Dawn Grosvenor with the details below.